ZVOX Celebrates 20th Anniversary Sale With 20% Off Six Popular Audio Products

ZVOX Revolutionized Home Theater Sound with its Patented Hearing Aid Technologies That Clarify TV Dialogue. They Celebrate 20 Years of Innovation With 20% Discounts.

SWAMPSCOTT, Mass., Oct. 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — ZVOX, the world leader in voice clarifying technology, is celebrating its 20th anniversary with a special sales promotion from now through November 6th, 2023. The commemorative offer includes a 20% price reduction on ZVOX’s most popular products – soundbars, earbuds, Bluetooth speakers, and hearing aids. Consumers simply enter the promo code A20 when checking out from ZVOX.com.

Ever since ZVOX created one of the world’s first “viable” TV soundbars in 2004, the company has set the standard for providing “Better TV Through Dialogue Clarification,” improving the viewing experience for millions. Most importantly, ZVOX has completely altered the home theater industry landscape with its revolutionary, proprietary AccuVoice dialogue clarification feature that uses patented hearing aid technology to “lift” TV dialogue away from background sounds so users can hear and understand every word – even at low volumes or during noisy action sequences. 

During the pre-holiday 20th anniversary promotional period, consumers may purchase six of ZVOX’s advanced AccuVoice products at an additional discount of 20%:

ZVOX AccuVoice Dialogue Clarification: The Right Idea at the Right Time
Of ZVOX’s many achievements in its first two decades of operation, the introduction of its proprietary AccuVoice dialogue clarifying technology has had the most profound impact on the home theater marketplace – and helped millions of people get more enjoyment out of watching TV. When ZVOX launched its first soundbar in 2004, the concept of voice clarification for TV dialogue was still in its infancy – yet the need was remarkably apparent.

According to ZVOX founder Tom Hannaher, it was a “perfect storm” of four factors that led to the need for voice clarification in TV programming. First, Hollywood increasingly emphasized audio mixing for dramatic effects that de-prioritized dialogue. Second, the flatscreen TVs that were becoming popular typically came with poor-quality audio speakers. Third, the popularity of streaming international programs with thick accents and, fourth, hearing loss became more common in everyone, from aging baby boomers to millennials, making it difficult for people of all ages to hear and understand TV dialogue properly.

Added Hannaher: “Over the years, the need for TV dialogue clarification has continued to grow. By combining proprietary techniques sourced from the world of sophisticated hearing aid technologies, our AccuVoice system brings a completely new level of voice clarification to the TV experience, making dialogue crisp and easy for everyone to understand.”

ZVOX: A New Kind of Hearing Company.
Committed to enhancing and discovering hearing solutions for almost 20 years, ZVOX was founded in 2003 by two long-time consumer electronics veterans. From its start as a traditional home theater speaker company, ZVOX soon gained success and industry recognition for its line of critically acclaimed sound bars and SoundBases. In 2014, ZVOX introduced a landmark technology that would change the company’s focus and establish it as the unrivaled leader in dialogue clarity enhancement. ZVOX’s patented AccuVoice technology uses advanced algorithms to mimic the function of a hearing aid, resulting in a dramatically new level of dialogue boosting and voice clarity. With the launch of its first AccuVoice TV Speaker, ZVOX created a new category of dialogue-clarifying soundbars, speakers, and headphones and found a broader audience among the over-fifty demographic and consumers with mild hearing loss. Today, ZVOX offers a variety of hearing-related products, including speakers, wireless headphones, and hearing aids. Based in Swampscott, MA. ZVOX sells though zvox.com, Amazon, Walmart.com, and selected retailers.

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