Your ‘Sad Girl Autumn’ Playlist Has a Late Addition: Singer-Songwriter Nick Marzock Releases Incredible New Album: Disengage

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Taylor isn’t the only one that can write and perform a killer breakup album. If you’ve found yourself searching for the male talent to complement Adele and Taylor’s "Sad Girl Autumn"-vibes (c’mon, be honest!); we couldn’t be more excited to share the brand new album from uber talented singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Nick MarzockDisengage, out now.

The album title "Disengage" is a double entendre inspired by the abrupt and painful end of a relationship (right before the pandemic) with his then-fiance. Following the breakup, Marzock spent the many months in isolation creating ideas and documenting thoughts and experiences for very raw and relatable lyrical and melodic ideas. The songs have great dynamic range, scaling from fun and driving alternative hits to emotionally gutting piano performance pieces, all while maintaining his distinct soulful sound.

Wearing all of the hats from conception to the finalized tracks, Marzock wrote, produced, and was the sole vocalist and also the sole instrumentalist for the majority of the album, highlighting his incredible talent and deep, meaningful vision as an artist: "This project is the culmination of all my training and expertise in music, coupled with a tumultuous situation that has yielded an album that I am very proud to release to the world."

Without any hyperbole, each of the 12 tracks could be a smash single on its own. From the more upbeat ‘Make It Right’ that captures the magic and excitement around the first time you meet someone and what you’re feeling in the days after: a little nervous, craving the butterflies, but also trying your best play it cool….to the wistful piano ballad, ‘Still Be Missing You’, written during the stage of a breakup where it feels like no matter how much time goes by, that person will always be a piece of you that is missing, each song perfectly captures all of the emotions that anyone who has gone through a meaningful breakup knows too well.

After almost a year and a half working tirelessly on it, now that the album is finally out for all to enjoy, fans around the world are sure to connect deeply to Marzock’s music – no matter what stage of love they might find themselves in. ‘Disengage’ transcends genres and the incredibly thoughtful lyrics cement themselves in your heart.

The ultimate musical multi-hyphenate, Marzock is a singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (drums, bass guitar, electric guitars, synthesizers, Wurlitzer, organ, accordion, harmonica, various percussion, and mandolin), and producer, who brings soulful grooves and thoughtful lyrics to indie rock. Inspired by an eclectic array of genres including blues, alternative, soul, and pop, Nick inevitably also adds his own edgy flavor to the sound, maintaining the distinct sound characteristics that make his music identifiable and unique.

Nick has performed and recorded alongside some of the hottest acts and iconic figures in music, and is ultimately driven by his love and dedication to every aspect of the music – whether on stage or in the studio. He has recorded songs with legendary producer Nile Rodgers, opened for nationally-touring acts such as Sara Bareilles, Andy Grammar, Matt Nathanson, and more, and is the music director and multi-instrumentalist for multiple celebrity bands based in Los Angeles.

In addition to music, Nick is a talented TV/film writer, voiceover actor, and sketch artist, but above all, music always takes center stage. He was born to perform and write, as any live audience can attest to through the years. He combines the passion of rock with the spirit of soul in shows from Los Angeles to New York, and his hometown of Pittsburgh.

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Nick is readily available for follow-up interview requests, TV, radio, and podcast guest appearances.

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