Yoga Icon Wai Lana Promotes Environmental Stewardship with New “She Speaks Sign Language” Music Video

LOS ANGELES, June 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Much to the delight of fans, Wai Lana has again chosen International Yoga Day to release her latest music video. She Speaks Sign Language is a visual masterpiece that showcases the stunning beauty and power of the planet we inhabit. Wai Lana leads viewers on a mesmerizing adventure exploring the splendor of expansive deserts, glistening ice caves, lush flowery meadows, and high mountain peaks. Viewers may recognize iconic and ancient attractions, such as China’s Great Wall and India’s Kusum Sarovar.

Wai Lana explained, "We carefully chose a variety of settings for this music video, beyond just places of natural beauty. I wanted to do something out of the ordinary and, after all, man-made structures are also part of the landscape of this planet. Whether in the city, wilderness, or on the seas, we can each choose to live harmoniously with Mother Earth."  

With this new music video, Wai Lana hopes to honor and give voice to Mother Earth, to help amplify the importance of protecting our environment. "She Speaks Sign Language is my attempt to encourage others to protect our planet," she said. By building on the growing environmental awareness of recent years, Wai Lana hopes her new music video will contribute, even if in a small way, to fostering environmental stewardship around the world.

She Speaks Sign Language fosters an appreciation of our dependence on Mother Earth and provides a glimpse of the dire consequences of not living in harmony with nature.

With provocative lyrics such as, "… how do we treat our dear mother? Do we throw her to the ground?" Wai Lana reinforces the message that it is our duty to act as caretakers of this planet, just as we are naturally respectful and caring of our own mother.

Regarding the planning and production of She Speaks Sign Language, Wai Lana said, "The overwhelming amount of content I wanted to convey made it extremely challenging. Even after I was satisfied with the lyrics, there was still too much material to fit with my favorite style of music. Fortunately, I work with some very talented musicians, and we discovered that electronic music, a new style of music for me, went perfectly with the lyrics."

Wai Lana continued, "I then had to take all my visual ideas and arrange the music video to support the dynamic music and lyrical content in a way that was captivating and entertaining. I knew that if the arrangement wasn’t just right, it might come across as too serious or even depressing. It was like putting together an intricate puzzle. I’m very excited about how it all came together and, in the end, I’m hoping we achieved something that people will want to watch over and over and want to share far and wide."

Wai Lana is credited with helping pioneer the modern-day yoga movement with her Wai Lana Yoga TV series—the longest-running fitness series in the history of public television. The genuine care she has for others shines through in everything Wai Lana produces, and this latest music video is no exception. She Speaks Sign Language is the first song Wai Lana has produced since the recent release of her Songs for the Soul album. Songs for the Soul includes Wai Lana’s six previous Yoga Day releases, Namaste, Alive Forever, Colors, Beyond Time & Space, Oh My Sweet Lord and Lay Me Down and is available on popular music streaming services.

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