Wrigley Media Group Continues Expansion

Enters Strategic Production Agreement with Keller/Noll

LEXINGTON, Ky., Jan. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As Wrigley Media Group (WMG) continues its rapid expansion, the company announces a strategic production agreement with Keller/Noll. Executive Producers and Seasoned content creators, Cleve Keller and Dave Noll will be pitching new projects on behalf of – and will produce content through – WMG.

This alliance with Keller/Noll is announced as the Realscreen Summit begins today in Austin, Texas.

On the heels of Kentucky’s tax incentive announcement in January 2022, Wrigley is finalizing construction on what will be the largest production facility in the state of Kentucky when it officially opens later this Spring. In preparation, the company has been especially active in recruiting new projects to the state.

Since 2007, Cleve Keller and Dave Noll have launched over 60 series and 3500 episodes of television. The two have worked together as the creative team behind the Chopped franchise for Food Network, the hit gameshow America Says GSN, and a string of other syndicated and first run projects for AMC, Bravo, CBS, HGTV and many others.

To date, WMG has produced content for HGTV, Discovery ID, Discovery +, and the History Channel among others, and has been bullish in the syndication space, currently producing the second season of RELATIVE JUSTICE.

“Our goal has always been to produce quality entertainment,” Cleve Keller and Dave Noll explain. “Through this agreement with Wrigley, we will not only continue to create top drawer product, but with Kentucky’s film incentive, we’ll be able to produce quality content at a fraction of the cost.” Keller and Noll continue, “Given the current climate especially, this a winning proposition for everyone!”

Wrigley Media Group’s CCO Ross Babbit says, “We’re thrilled to be working with Keller/Noll. As our company continues its expansion, we welcome this prolific team’s collaboration to create entertaining new content – positioning these new projects to further capitalize on Kentucky’s robust tax incentive.”

About Wrigley Media Group – Wrigley Media Group is an industry leader producing original series, creative content, motion graphics, digital marketing and branding for a worldwide clientele. Led by award-winning businesswoman Misdee Wrigley Miller and headquartered in Lexington, Kentucky, Wrigley Media Group conceives, produces, and distributes content from their state-of-the-art headquarters. Relative Justice, produced by Wrigley Media Group, is the first daytime syndicated show produced in Kentucky and is shot from Wrigley Media Group, Lexington Studios, a separate WMG studio facility also located in Lexington. For more information, please visit wrigleymediagroup.com

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