WR1 – A New Members’ Club App That Helps Creators’ Economy

NEW YORK, Feb. 24, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The COVID-19 pandemic has hit the creator community hard. According to Pollstar, the live music scene alone saw a staggering $30 billion loss in 2020. As social distancing is becoming the new norm, struggling creators are forced to find new ways to monetize fans digitally. With the mission of bringing stars and fans closer, a new app called WR1 (We Are One) is launching a game-changing solution to help creators’ economy.

WR1 is a fan community platform where creators and brands can start exclusive digital members’ clubs. The platform brings creators and fans closer and provides easy-to-use monetization tools.

“Never before a more effective monetization platform has been available for creators. WR1 makes it easy to lock down content, DMs, Digital Greetings, Live streams, PPW and Digital Meet & Greets, all from the palm of your hand,” says Geo Martin, CEO and Founder of WR1 Inc.

The inspiration for WR1 was born in Geo Martin’s youth when he was part of a band with a fanclub counting more than 60.000 paying members.

The traditional “fanclub” format got killed by social media last decade. The exclusive experience got lost along with creators’ access to their fan-data and revenues. According to the research bureau Nielsen, fans would spend $2.6 billion more annually if creators chose to monetize with members’ clubs.

“A fan community is meant to be something special. WR1 mission is to create an exclusive connection between stars and fans that turn Likes into $,” says Geo Martin.

Creators that would benefit from starting clubs on WR1 are e.g. artists, actors, influencers, athletes, models, celebs, comedians, podcasts or brands that want an exclusive members’ club. WR1 is free to use and the creators can set their own prices, which also makes it great for hosting digital courses.

WR1 has been in a closed beta and the metrics are very encouraging. An average of 22% of the creator’s fans subscribed to their clubs, providing up to 50% the creators economy. With these stats, creators can look forward to a brighter future. WR1 will launch full-scale spring 2021.

More info is available at wr1.com.

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