World Traveler Michael Motamedi Launches Podcast With Matador Network

SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Globetrotting influencer Michael Motamedi has partnered with leading travel publisher Matador Network to produce No Fixed Address: The World’s Most Extraordinary People, a new podcast series that introduces listeners to some of the most interesting people Motamedi has met while on an A.I.-guided journey around the world.

“Something I’ve come to love about living on the road is the people I meet,” Motamedi says in the first episode, which was just released. “So I decided to start a podcast. That way you can meet them too.”

Every month No Fixed Address focuses on a different part of the world, taking listeners to two distinct locations, from bustling megacities to remote villages. Each new episode, published every other Thursday, features an interview with a remarkable person who tells their story and introduces listeners to the local culture. Motamedi and his producer (and wife) Vanessa go wherever the story takes them, recording on-location where the guests live, work and play. 

“Michael is willing to go anywhere, undertake any kind of adventure and talk to anyone,” says Matador Network CEO Ross Borden. “He’s exactly what you want in a podcast host. These episodes are funny, insightful and an excellent way for listeners to experience the best part of travel: the discovery of something totally new and unexpected.”

Two years ago, Motamedi quit his job as a marketing executive to travel indefinitely with Vanessa and their baby. Since June 2023, those travels have been guided by GuideGeek, the A.I. assistant from Matador Network. The family relies on the chat-based service to recommend where they go next and what they do when they get there. Their adventures have been shared with millions of viewers through Motamedi’s social media network, across popular platforms like TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

The first two episodes of the No Fixed Address podcast were recorded in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. In the first installment, available now, Michael and Vanessa sit down with falconer Hendri du Toit to discuss what brought the South African to the desert near Dubai, why falconry is so popular in the Middle East and how his favorite falcon has come to live the high-life, flying first class and dining on French cuisine (kind of).

“We were drawn to Hendri because he was so passionate,” says Vanessa in the opening of the episode.

“He has two Falcons in his house right now and he watches football with them,” Michael later adds. “He shares his sofa with them, he cooks with them, you name it.”

The second episode, scheduled for release on Feb. 29, introduces listeners to a man as he dives into the Dubai Marina to break a world record for swimming in handcuffs and leg shackles.

“We met so many amazing people in our month in Dubai,” Michael says. “There is a tremendous culture there. Yes, there is the dining scene and the 5-star hotels, but there is tradition and history as well … and there is a guy swimming like a dolphin while wearing leg irons.”

Future episodes include a trip to a bamboo resort with Bamboo U founder Orin Hardy, a tour of the restaurants of Denpasar with former Top Chef judge Will Meyrick, a quest for the world’s most expensive coffee with Bali Beans CEO Ayu Sudana and an expedition to a magical place somewhere outside Ubud with former ad executive and Elevation Barn CEO Will Travis.

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