Win Exclusive Rare NFT by Recording and Visual Artist Anjalts

LOS ANGELES, April 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As the music industry wrap their heads around a new form of creativity called NFTs (non-fungible tokens), artists are starting to navigate through this unique path that has opened for their music and artwork.

Embracing this movement, protostar singer/songwriter, Anjalts has released her first NFT collection to coincide with her new single, ‘Somewhere in the Sky’, which dropped on all main streaming services this week.

NFTs created by Anjalts will be available on the OpenSea market exchange. “Her collection will encompass one-of-a-kind, rare, animated NFTs inspired by her new song,” explains Elle Asti, co-founder of IXOmusic, an indie label currently working with Anjalts on her prolific music catalog. 

Anjalts is introducing an exceptional giveaway of one of her NFTs to a lucky winner.  Participants will have multiple ways to get a chance of winning a unique animated NFT digital art collectable on the OpenSea platform.  To enter, no purchase necessary; anyone can simply complete the tasks on the giveaway link at [Anjalts NFT Giveaway]. 

Anjalts, who writes, produces and plays every instrument on her upcoming album, was already painting large oil on canvas artworks and learning how to code. “The reality is that we are in a completely atypical world for today’s artists to create and thrive.  Fortunately, Anjalts is extremely distinctive in her experience as a multi-talented artist, emerging in an ever-changing industry where musicians still cannot tour or perform live at a venue.  Not being able to see their fans smiling back at them versus a computer screen,” remarks Elle.

A motivating component of NFTs is how it’s configured on the Ethereum network allowing a “royalty” feature for artists to earn a fee every time one of their works sell to a new owner. “I think this NFT giveaway will help others get familiar with NFTs and the world of blockchain, where fans can feel a sense of personalized ownership as a collector.  Artists & musicians are still learning to adapt to this changing environment, as we move into this new future,” closes Elle.  To enter the NFT giveaway, complete the tasks HERE


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