Will the Pandemic End and Good News for Women in 2022 Prediction by Crystal B Astrology

MONTCLAIR, N.J., Dec. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — If you want to know when the pandemic will be over then you might be interested in what Crystal Bichalski at Crystal B. Astrology is predicting.

"I think the pandemic will end in early 2023. That’s because it started when Saturn entered Aquarius and will probably end when Saturn leaves the sign. Saturn will also bring more innovation, automation, and technology in 2022," said Bichalski.

Her e-book Making A Great Escape And Surrendering To The Fates 2022 Astrology Guide is a partnership with illustrator Lori Menna at Cosmic Collage. It shows you how the stars of 2022 can work in your favor. 

Here are some of her predictions from the e-book.

There’s going to be a huge female influence in the skies for 2022 that’s driving women’s entrepreneurship. That’s especially good for mothers, looking for opportunities to work from home.

"The recent lunar eclipse is just the beginning of a major shift that will occur. On Jan. 18 the Moon’s nodes will shift from the Gemini Sagittarius axis to the Taurus Scorpio axis for the next 18 months. It affects everyone especially individuals born under Taurus and Scorpio," said Bichalski.

The e-book discusses this shift in detail and as it occurs, it will affect everyone’s astrology. It will emphasize Taurus and Scorpio themes such as privacy, security, wealth, and art. She also sees more people valuing reliable information, so subscription news sites could grow.

"2022 is a year of extremes. A lot is going on all at once. Our book helps you understand the astrological terrain for each sign with incredible artwork so you can better plan for your success next year," said Bichalski.

Next year she believes will be the beginning of an artistic renaissance in what she calls the Spiritual 20s.

"That’s because of the influence of Jupiter and Neptune and their great conjunction in April. Everybody is going to be looking for spiritual food to feed their souls. Those inspirations will be seen in art and people wanting to party," said Bichalski.

2022 also presents elements of the old making way for the new because the planet Jupiter will be in Pisces (last sign of the zodiac) for seven months and in Aries (first sign) for the remainder. That means innovations and entrepreneurship as more people want to become their own boss. 

But not everyone will make it, she warns, because there might be a slowdown.

Over the year, she feels entrepreneurship will continue to increase, and there may be a trend to eradicate cash with increasing use of cryptocurrencies as Uranus moves into Taurus. 

2022 will also be a good year for travel as people want experiences as opposed to materialism. Outdoor pursuits will continue to be important because of the influence of Taurus, which is all about Mother Earth. 

"Our supply chain situation will also probably improve by the Spring when Jupiter gets cooking in Pisces," said Bichalski.

2022 will be a good year for relationships. You could fall for someone you least suspect but make sure you go in with both eyes open. There might be a lot of internet scams because of Neptune’s high influence. 

Neptune makes you look through rose-colored glasses thinking something is great when it’s not. Neptune is a wonderful storyteller related to art, spirituality, and escapism. It wants everyone to think they can solve their problems by running away. 

Making A Great Escape And Surrendering To The Fates is an e-book written in three parts. The first part gives you the bigger picture of what’s happening in 2022. It’s easy to read and understand with exceptional illustrations of what to expect in 2022. 

Part two talks about planetary influences with the retrogrades of Mercury, Venus, and Mars in 2022. It also explains the significance of Jupiter in Pisces and Aries, Saturn in Aquarius, Uranus in Taurus, Neptune in Pisces, and Pluto in Capricorn and includes a full and new Moon calendar. 

Part three is all about horoscopes including the 12 birth and rising signs of the Zodiac.

"Your birth sign is the sign that the Sun was in on the day of your birth and your rising sign is the sign that was rising over the horizon on that day," said Bichalski.

Making A Great Escape And Surrendering To The Fates is available for download and comes bundled with a live 2022 Forecasting Seminar and an Aries Spring Equinox Workshop. During the Holidays, it also includes three additional bonuses and you can save 10 percent.

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