‘Why On Earth’ Documentary Wins Dozens of Prestigious Film Festival Awards Across Multiple Categories

The Crucial Film Highlights Many Issues Affecting Animals Around the World and The Inspiring People Who Are Fighting on the Ground to Protect Them 

LOS ANGELES, April 14, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Peace 4 Animals’ Why On Earth film is a compelling feature-length documentary by prominent animal advocate and filmmaker, Katie Cleary. The film takes an in-depth look into our current condition as a people; uncovering many issues that are affecting our natural world and the animals who inhabit it. Why On Earth has received the highest praise across numerous film festivals worldwide.  

"We are overwhelmed by the outpouring of support for our film, and hope that it puts many important issues in the animal world at the forefront of the movement by highlighting the heroes who are on the ground fighting to protect our magnificent species from extinction, as well as new legislation that is needed to ensure their survival for future generations," said Cleary. "I was on the ground with our incredible partners to personally see what is happening in Africa and Indonesia, it’s horrifying to witness what mankind is doing to the last of our species, driving them to the brink of extinction for greed and money. It must end!"

Why On Earth was filmed in five countries including South Africa, Kenya, Indonesia, Mexico, and the U.S. The film includes a host of exclusive interviews with well-known leaders in the animal welfare and conservation world, including fellow filmmaker and animal advocate, Clint Eastwood.

"The powerful interviews throughout the documentary also highlight the benefits of not consuming animals and their by-products by exposing the horrors of factory farming, a detriment to our overall health as a society," continued Cleary.

"Our goal is to educate the public about the steps they can take on a daily basis for the betterment of our planet, as well as the animals who we share it with. We believe this film will be a significant catalyst for change in the future and for the well-being of our earth collectively," stated Why On Earth writer Kristin Rizzo

MaggieQ (Actress, Animal Welfare Advocate), Leilani Munter (Race Car Driver, What The Health), Kristin Bauer (Actress, Animal Welfare and Legislation Advocate) John Salley (Former NBA Star, Animal Welfare and Legislation Advocate), Shannon Elizabeth (Actress, Animal Welfare Advocate), and Dan Richardson (Actor, Wildlife Conservationist), are among the notable names Cleary interviews in the documentary.

Why On Earth also features gripping interviews with Damien Mander (Founder of International Anti-Poaching Foundation) along with his history-making all-female anti-poaching team, Akashinga, as well as Dr. Birute Mary Galdikas (President and Co-Founder of Orangutan Foundation International), Petronel Nieuwoudt (Founder of Care For Wild Rhino Sanctuary), Alison Towner (Marine Biologist, Save Our Seas Foundation), Paul Hilton (Conservation Photographer, Racing Extinction), Jim Abernethy (Conservationist, Photographer, Filmmaker), Shawn Heinrichs (Cinematographer, Racing Extinction), Wilfred Chivell (CEO of Marine Dynamics), Ian Singleton (Program Director, Pan Eco), Panut Hadisiswoyo (Founder of Orangutan Information Center), and the compassionate team at Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, among many others. 

Why On Earth has won the following distinguished awards with many more to be announced:


  • Cannes World Film Festival – Best Nature/Wildlife Film, Best Women Film, Best Environmental Film, and Best Female Director Feature Film 
  • Lonely Wolf International Film Festival – Best Cinematography 
  • Chicago Indie Film Awards – Best Documentary Feature 
  • Nature Without Borders International Film Festival – Best Wildlife/Nature Documentary 
  • LA Independent Women Film Awards – Best Female Director & Best Documentary Feature  
  • Toronto International Women Film Festival – Best Feature Documentary & Best Female Director 
  • Berlin Short Festival – Best International Short Film & Best Female Director 


  • Toronto Independent Film Festival of Cift – Best International Documentary 
  • Montreal Independent Film Festival – Best Feature Documentary 


  • Amazonia del Plata – Best Documentary 
  • Film Stream Festival – Best Environmental/Outdoor 
  • Wildlife Conservation Film Festival – Best Feature Film Entry 
  • Fauna Tepoztlán Animal Festival – Best Feature Length Film 
  • Septimius Awards – Best Documentary 
  • Lonely Wolf International Film Festival – Best Feature Documentary 
  • Northwest Fest International Documentary Festival – Global Visions

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