When A Mysterious Book of Spells Brings Adulation to A Guitar-playing New Teen at School, Is it Worth the Price?

Electric Fern presents a thrilling YA contemporary fantasy novel complete with magic, music, and high school crush drama from musician and songwriter Brian Corley

PORTLAND, Ore., Feb. 12, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Not all authors can say that their novel started out as a song lyric, but for musician and songwriter Brian Corley, that’s exactly what happened. GILM!, his contemporary YA magical realism novel is currently being nationally released in conjunction with a new song of the same name, a collaboration with his indie rock band The Mars McClanes.

“GILM!” the song came about during a songwriting session in which a word was sought rhyming with film. As with many creative journeys, this was just the beginning of a circuitous and cross-country writing and recording effort that ended with both a cool eclectic song and a kernel of an idea for a story about a new kid trying to impress a girl. For Corley, that kernel morphed into GILM!, his third published novel for YA readers after having received hearty praise from Publishers Weekly, BookLife, and Kirkus for his earlier books, Space Throne and Ghost Bully.

In GILM!, high school teen Geoff Smith is not happy about being the new kid at Alder High after leaving his friends and their start-up band back in Houston. With a bully on his back and his crush, Corinne, on his mind, he’d much rather have a guitar in his hands. But when his professor dad, a collector of magical oddities, brings a mysterious book of spells home, the tome could be instrumental to Geoff winning a seemingly impossible bet with Corinne.

In a whirl of notes and lyrics, Geoff unknowingly strums a cursed tune. Suddenly, his low-key life hits a high note as the melody weaves its magical chaos throughout the school. The world becomes a stage, and the students its unknowing actors—with Geoff as the star. Caught in the spell’s limelight, Geoff has to make a decision. Can he break the spell before it’s too late? Or will he learn the hard way that in magic, as in music, everything has its price?

GILM!, the YA novel, along with GILM! the new single by The Mars McClanes both release February 12, 2024. The novel is available wherever fine books are sold.

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