What’s Blooming at Thornes: How These LGBTQ+ Artists Are Building Community One Gift at a Time

EASTHAMPTON, Mass., March 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Where can you find gifts for loved ones that they’ll actually appreciate? Look no further than Small Victories, an eco-conscious studio coming to the first floor of Thornes Marketplace in Northampton on March 29th. Formerly known as The Bower Studio and Gamut Pins, this local design studio has blossomed into a collaborative space where community comes to life through cleverly designed gifts.

Specializing in plantable greeting cards for all occasions, pronoun pins, and original artwork inspired by New England, Small Victories is a “nostalgic nod to field guides and hand painted signs…our illustrative work features a lot of botanical and wildlife imagery,” notes co-founder Isa Wang – a first generation trans Chinese American. The team behind all this magic are members of the LGBTQIA+ community or allies. This mix of musicians, fine artists, writers (and more) honor the intersection of arts and commerce.

“The initial idea almost always comes from the frustration of not finding the product I’m looking for in the market and deciding to make it myself. If I’m looking for a sleek, stylish pronoun pin and all I find are plastic buttons, I’m going to make it. If I’m looking for a cool Lunar New Year card to send to my family but all I find are cheesy designs, I’m going to make it. Because I know someone else is out there like me, looking for this thing and coming up short…The sentiment and tone of most greeting cards didn’t represent what I actually wanted to say to the recipient,” remarked Isa.

With this new chapter, Small Victories is making its mark in Northampton right on Main Street and turning a long-time dream into a reality, echoed by an increased need for unique, heartfelt products sold by makers.

 “We chose Thornes because we wanted to join a community that supports local businesses and actively participates in neighborhood events. I have been visiting Thornes since 2003, and I think of it as the central hub for Main Street Northampton. We have been missing face-to-face connection with the community, and we are so excited to show the creativity and heart behind the brand,” notes Isa.

Ten percent of the businesses’ profits go to both ecological and LGBTQIA+ organizations. This means eco-conscious shoppers can ditch their mass-produced cards and find an array of gifts that carry a heart-warming message and quite literally plant the seeds for the next season.

“If you’ve ever felt the frustration of rushing to Hallmark last minute to get a card for someone, picking a card that doesn’t quite represent the sentiment you are trying to convey, paying an exorbitant amount for a piece of paper, and knowing it will probably get tossed in the trash, please know there’s a better option,” says Isa.

That better option is Small Victories. Find them online at https://smallvictories.com/ and on the first floor of Thornes Marketplace on Main Street in Northampton starting on March 29th.

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SOURCE Small Victories LLC