What is Happening ‘Somewhere in the Sky’ on April 23

LOS ANGELES, April 22, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — ‘Somewhere in the Sky’ new single by Anjalts launching April 23, just when the Sky lights up with the Lyrid meteor showers that peaks from April 22-April 23. You can see this effervescent glow beaming in the northern hemisphere as 10 to 25 small meteor particles fall every hour. 

The independent singer/ songwriter was ecstatic to hear what was happening in conjunction with her song release as ‘Somewhere in the Sky’ drops to streaming services everywhere on April 23, 2021. Spotify Pre-Save is now available directly from the artist website at Anjalts.com.

Anjalts will also be dropping a series of original, one of a kind animated NFT digital art collectibles on the OpenSea market exchange to coincide with the release of her new single.  Some of her lucky fans who purchase her song and connect through social media on April 23, 2021 through April 30, 2021 with hashtag #anjaltsWIN will be able to win a special limited edition NFT.  Contest rules & regulations will be posted soon on her social media channels and on her official website.

Anjalts announced the new song first on her Instagram account.  She inspired her stargazers to create their own experience while listening to ‘Somewhere in the Sky’ and watching the Lyrid Meteor Shower.  To remember the moments in our lives when we just had to let go, even we did not want to.  In those moments when we are reminded to “be strong.” 

And in her own poetic words:

“Somewhere in the Sky in the middle of the night,
stars fall like rain. 
The Lyrid meteor shower sparkles
down the dark skyline
into our lasting memory
that we try to keep close in secret.

We reminisce the longing we feel,
the conflict of letting go
what we want to keep the most.

Like a glowing dust trail behind a comet.
Our lives are connected like shooting stars
that flash brightly yet leave a long-lasting memory
across the sky.”

The Lyrid meteor showers are the first annual celestial event near the brightest star Vega in the northeast sky.  The best time to view the Lyrids is between midnight to dawn.  As the tiny glowing sparkle ignites a fiery trail, “Somewhere in the Sky.”

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