Welltory Transforms Apple Watch Data Into Scientific Wellness Guidance

Welltory, an all-in-one wellness app, launches a new AI/ML-driven Today Screen feature that combines Apple Watch data with science to help users see how everything they do impacts their bodies and reduce the harm of sedentary stress — one of the leading health risks estimated to cost up to $54 billion in direct health care globally.

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., March 18, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — As wearables and apps collect users’ health data, the potential for actionable insights has largely remained untapped. Welltory bridges this gap, combining science with proprietary technology to transform Apple Watch data into personalized guidance that goes beyond steps, calories, or heart rate. The app’s new Today Screen lets users see the toll of sedentary stress on their bodies, shows them where it’s coming from, and teaches them how to reduce its harm in real time.

Results from the new feature’s limited beta test show that the app’s users who see the new Today Screen are twice as likely to come back the next week. Day 7 retention rates have grown by 163% for free users and by 74% for customers.

Jane Smorodnikova, Welltory’s CEO and co-founder, said: “Our approach to personal data interpretation focuses on the total impact of all your actions on your body and wellbeing. Because really, what does it mean that I burned 500 calories or walked 10,000 steps? Well, it depends on lots of things — your age, fitness level, but especially how much time you spent sitting in stressful meetings or in front of your computer that day. Personalization and an integrated understanding of your data are crucial, and people intuitively know this — that’s why our beta test shows that users are way more likely to come back if they see our Today Screen.”

Today Screen packs the day’s heart rate data into a Pressure gauge that reflects the toll of sedentary stress on the cardiovascular system — the Pressure gauge grows when users sit in place under stress, but users can bring the gauge back down with physical activity. This kind of interpretation is driven by Welltory’s 71 proprietary algorithms that ensure the science behind Welltory adapts to and serves each individual personally. Heart rate zones are adjusted daily based on a user’s resting heart rate, heart rate reserve, and population norms. The adjusted results are then used to make sense of the day’s heart rate data and differentiate sedentary stress from rest, exercise, neutral movement.

The new Today Screen has also repackaged Welltory’s signature heart rate variability analysis — the product’s scientific core backed by research Welltory has published in MDPI and IEEE. Today’s Wellness category reflects day-to-day changes in wellbeing based on heart rate variability, letting users see how their numbers compare to their own personal baselines along with population norms for their age and gender.

About Welltory:

Welltory is the tech company behind an all-in-one wellness application ranked in the top 50 Health & Fitness Top Grossing and featured 20 times by the App Store. More:  https://welltory.com/

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