Washington DC’s Premier Political Comedy Troupe, Capitol Fools Welcomes 2024

National Tour and Public Radio Broadcast Performances Kick-Off January2024

WASHINGTON, Jan. 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — After nearly 40 years of hilarious spoofing of our government leaders to sold out crowds, the country’s leading political satire touring comedy troupe, the Capitol Steps got hit by the global pandemic and decided to call it quits.

But several members of the famed group would not go gentle into that good night. After a brief pause in performing, a peaceful transfer of comedy power took place. And from the remnants of the Capitol Steps, the Capitol Fools was born thanks to an intrepid group of former Capitol Steps cast members and the former co-writer who knew a world without musical parody would be a dreary world indeed.

And if seeing a performance of the Capitol Fools seems like déjà vu from four years ago, well, it’s serendipitous that the troupe is kicking off its 2024 in an election year that seems like déjà vu all over again.

While foolish enough to embark on this new journey, they were smart enough to not reinvent the wheel, checking all the boxes for creating crowd-pleasing satire:
Fast-paced, laugh out loud show…check.
Equal opportunity offenders…check.
Skewering both sides of the aisle…check

Now, the Capitol Fools are ready to welcome the 2024 election year with a new radio show recorded live at Ram’s Head on Stage in Annapolis, Maryland on December 27. The hour-long version of the group’s live stage show is currently available for broadcast on public radio stations around the country.

“We have been playing to very enthusiastic audiences everywhere we go,” says Jack Rowles, who performs with the Capitol Fools and is the director of the show, “and now we are thrilled to kick-off 2024 with our first public radio broadcast. This was an annual tradition for the Capitol Steps and it is something we look forward to continuing.”

No matter who holds (or doesn’t hold) office, there is never a shortage of material. Writer, Mark Eaton adds, “We’ve always said our show’s greatest enemy is a competent government. Therefore, we should be around for a long, long time.”

For more information on the Capitol Fools, including upcoming performances, video and photos, go to www.capitolfools.com.

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