Want to Speak to a Ghost This Halloween? Psychic Nancy Mello Tells You How

MYSTIC, Conn., Oct. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Suppose you want to see a ghost or spiritual activity during your Halloween festivities. In that case, Nancy Mello, a psychic, medium, and clairvoyant, offers tips to help raise your vibration this spooky season. Connecting with spiritual energy starts with a straightforward exercise. "You need to be open to life continuing (in some form) after you die," Mello explains. "If you start as a disbeliever, your brain will always find a reason why something occurred beyond the unexplainable. But, if you understand that there is a possibility of things we can’t explain, you are halfway there in feeling spiritual energy."

Mello has felt spiritual energy around her since she was a child. Growing up in Northern California, she grew up on farmland that Native Americans once inhabited. "My dad used to find arrowheads he was tilling the land. There was a constant presence that would result in weird things happening- lights going on and off, and sounds I couldn’t explain." Being open, Nancy learned, helped her connect with her skills as a Medium. Mello has worked with people and pets in all 50 States and thirty-two countries. She helps people connect with dead relatives, "and a lot of times I reassure my clients they aren’t crazy when they tell me they hear someone whispering or a door that routinely slams."

The second step in being able to feel or see spiritual activity is to ask for it directly. Mello suggests lighting a candle and saying out loud, "I am open to any message that comes to me." Sometimes it’ll happen right away; other times, it might take time- but a message will always come. "Trusting the message is always the hardest part because this is when our rational part of our brain takes over."

The trick, Mello advises, is to go with whatever comes, no matter how absurd it may sound. "Once, when I had a high fever, I heard my Great Grandmother start speaking to me in Portuguese. The problem? I don’t speak Portuguese." Nancy remembers with a laugh. "Comer,’ She kept saying. I had no idea what she was saying. My husband (who speaks Portuguese) came up to check on me, and I repeated the word to him. He was able to translate. She was telling me to eat!"

Whatever you hear or see after you ask for a sign, Mello advises, write it down or keep a record in your phone. This exercise isn’t exclusive to Halloween, either. Use it to connect to your angels, guides, or ask for direction in life. "I like to write a letter before bed to my guides. It’s like journaling, but I ask for help with certain things. It’s amazing how often I will wake up with an answer or just a feeling of peace about the issue I was struggling with."

Doing this exercise can help open yourself up to the unexplained and a world of help you didn’t know what there.


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