Vision Films to Release Mafia-Kung Fu Parody ‘Made in Chinatown’ Kung Fu. Wise Guys. You're Welcome.

LOS ANGELES, April 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Vision Films Inc. (“Vision”) announces the VOD and DVD release of the raucous genre mash-up Made in Chinatown from Executive Producer and Writer Mark V. Wiley and Directors Robert J. Samuels and James Lew. The feature-length film will be available on streaming and cable platforms and DVD on May 11. The Chinatown-meets-Little-Italy comedy sensitively handles, with more commentary than spoof, the timely Asian immigrant experience, as well as racial stereotyping and labelling. With some of the most recognizable actors known for portraying mafiosos, and the talents of veritable Hong Kong Kung-Fu masters, protagonist Vinny Chow (portrayed by Jay Kwon) finds himself unwittingly caught up in two love stories – his Chinese culture and the Italian culture he emulates based on The Godfather and Goodfellas, and his fantasy [Italian] dream date and the perfect [Chinese] girl next door. The fast-paced romp features several real Kung-Fu Masters (Lo Meng, Chiu Chi Ling, Perer Ngai, Steven Chan, Paul Sun), is choreographed by Emmy Award® winner James Lew, and a treasure trove of hidden mob movie references and quotes to delight cinephiles.

Synopsis: It’s Goodfellas meets Ip Man when a young Chinese nobody sets out to become a “made guy” in the Italian Mafia. Tensions are already high between the two communities as they move into each other’s turf with a dirty crime commissioner playing both sides. It turns out that earning respect, finding love, and discovering his identity doesn’t come so easy. He’ll have to fight his way to the top.

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Starring Tony Darrow (Goodfellas), Vincent Pastore (The Sopranos), Raymond J. Barry (Justified), Lo Meng (Ip Man 2), Jay Kwon (The Punisher), James Lew (Marvel’s Luke Cage), Shuya Chang (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon 2), Chris Caldovino (Boardwalk Empire), Paul Borghese (The Irishman), Tony Ray Rossi (Analyze This), Geoff Lee (Revenge of the Green Dragons), Chiu Chi Ling (Kung-Fu Hustle), Shing Ka (The Manchurian Candidate), Timothy Chivalette (Glass), Fenton Li (Awkwafina Is Nora from Queens), Tak Wah Eng (Revenge of the Green Dragons), Patricia Lee Chu (Orange is the New Black), Zack Beyer (Creed 2), Theresa Moriarty (Dead Sound), Emmanuel Brown (Gotham), John Sialiano (The Wannabe), Stefano Da Fre (Pandora’s Box), Karen Tsen Lee (Law and Order: SVU), Artie Pasquale (The Sopranos), Joseph D’Onofrio (A Bronx Tale), William DeMeo (Gotti), Celia Au (Wu Assassins)

Lise Romanoff, CEO and Managing Director of Vision Films shares, “At first look, Made in Chinatown, is a fun and funny fish-out-of-water escapade with the most amazing action sequences! Just below the surface, however, is a very timely and important message of self-acceptance and pride in one’s family and culture. Audiences of all kinds are going to love this film!” 

Writer-Producer Mark V. Wiley says, “On its surface, Made in Chinatown is an action-comedy poking fun at everyone’s favorite Wiseguy and Kung-fu films. But at its heart, it’s about the self-discovery of a second-generation Asian-American as he tries to find love, respect, and a place to fit in.”

On May 11, Made in Chinatown will be available on streaming and cable platforms in the U.S. and Canada including: Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay, Vudu, Hoopla, FandangoNow, Vimeo, and across hundreds of cable providers including Comcast, Spectrum, Charter, Cox, Dish, DirecTV and more. Canadian cable providers include Rogers, Shaw, and Bell. DVD retailers will include Amazon and all other major online retailers

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