Vision Films to Release ‘King Charles III: The New Monarchy’ Documentary to Coincide with Coronation

LOS ANGELES, April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Vision Films Inc. (“Vision”) announces the US and Canadian Transactional VOD and DVD release of the new documentary, King Charles III: The New Monarchy, on May 2, 2023 only days ahead of the new sovereign’s coronation. Co-written and produced by Tara Pirnia and Larissa Garcia-Baab, and directed by Pirnia, the film highlights new interviews from insiders and journalists as it tracks the new king-to-be’s pre-ordained destiny from his earliest days. From his childhood, unprecedented education, and military service, to his famous, and infamous, love life and father- and grandfather hood, emphasis is firmly placed on his predilection for the role, patience in waiting and preparing for it, and the determination to put his own unique stamp on the monarchy.

Synopsis: Prince Charles was always destined to wear the crown. From the royal childhood in Buckingham Palace to his naval career and life as the Prince of Wales, he’s had his successes and hardships. From a young prince to now the king, he’s been a constant in the British royal family, hoping one day not only to wear the crown, but to usher the British royals into a new modern era as King Charles III.

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Featuring interviews with Royal Commentator Victoria Arbiter, Vanity Fair Royal Editor Katie Nicholl, British journalist, television and radio commentator Dickie Arbiter, US journalist, author, and radio-television personality Patt Morrison, and bodyguard for Lady Diana, Princess of Wales, Ken Wharfe.

Lise Romanoff, CEO/Managing Director of Vision Films shares, “This is an in-depth and complete look at the various facets of King Charles’ life many may not know as he takes the throne.”

Producer Larissa Garcia-Baab says, “Our goal with this documentary is to shed light on the life, loves, and many pursuits of the new king.”

Director Tara Pirnia further comments, “Yes, we wanted to bring him out of the shadow of his mother and illustrate his lifelong dedication to making this a modern monarchy that will last through the ages.” 

King Charles III: The New Monarchy will be available on all major streaming and cable platforms in the US and Canada on May 2, 2023 followed by DVD at major online retailers in June. For more information, please visit

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