Vision Films to Release Dark Humor Self-Discovery Film “Before I Go” Starring Annabella Sciorra

LOS ANGELES, June 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Vision Films Inc. ("Vision") announces the VOD release of the feature film Before I Go on July 20, 2021. From prolific writer and filmmaker Eric Schaeffer (Boys Meets Girl, If Lucy Fell, Never Again), Before I Go captures the relatable, mid-life crisis story of "Samantha", played by Annabella Sciorra, and her journey to find purpose in a world that has slowly become unrecognizable. The film was written and directed by Eric Schaeffer, and produced by Schaeffer, Norm Aladjem and Ray Moheet of Mainstay Entertainment. It will be available on streaming and cable platforms everywhere in the US and Canada, and DVD at major online retailers. Featuring SHAED lead singer Chelsea Lee.

Before I Go is a darkly humorous character study of one woman’s deepening exploration of self and connections to her past that ultimately remind her that life is worth living. The deepening depression is viewed through the lens of others, including her father, a powerful yet distorted memory of her mother, a long ago successful music career, and potential new friends who tirelessly, humorously, try to get close.

Synopsis: A once-successful musician living in New York faces the fact that her life might never get better and considers ending it all. In a last-ditch effort to find happiness and in her own uniquely sarcastic way, she faces her dead-end job, dating apps, her childhood, and her depression head-on to come back from the edge with a vengeance.

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The film stars Annabella Sciorra (Jungle Fever, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle, Blue Bloods, Law & Order: SVU), comedian Robert Klein (The Backup Plan), Willie Garson (Sex & The City), Andrea Navedo (Jane The Virgin), and Tony® Award-winner, Craig Bierko (UnReal).

Lise Romanoff, CEO and Managing Director of Vision Films says, "Before I Go shares a poignant message of finding and accepting one’s true self. Annabella Sciorra is a tour de force in this role, with an outstanding supporting cast she makes you laugh and cry with equal intensity. Audiences will root for her survival and will be moved by this incredible performance." 

Writer/Director, Eric Schaeffer shares, "My hope is that this film serves to inspire hope in those who identify with the struggles of Annabella’s character, Samantha. More than ever, feeling a part of rather than apart from is something we all need."

Before I Go will be available on: iTunes, Vimeo, Amazon, GooglePlay, Vudu, Fandango Now, and Vimeo, and all major cable platforms. DVD retailers will include Amazon and other major online retailers. Canadian cable providers include Rogers and Shaw.

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