Vision Films Dives into Fall with ‘Island Of The Lost Girls’ Ocean Adventure

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 13, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Vision Films, Inc. (“Vision”) is set to release the suspenseful ocean adventure story Island of the Lost Girls on October 3, 2023. Produced, written, and directed by Brian and Ann-Marie Schmidt from their Treehouse Mafia Productions, this film is truly a family affair. Three of the Schmidt’s six children helped craft the story and also star as the title characters; younger siblings also play minor roles. In the vein of 80s teen suspense flicks including The Goonies, Stand By Me, and The Lost Boys, Island of the Lost Girls harkens to a freer time when independence and risk taking were less scrutinized. The three young actresses, aged four, seven, and ten at the time, performed their own stunts shooting on location in the sea caves of Baja Mexico, supervised by their own parents the filmmakers. Swimming through underwater caves, climbing seaside cliffs, and jumping from seemingly perilous heights establishes the film’s messages of perseverance, strength, and girl power.

Synopsis: When a riptide sweeps three young sisters away, they wash up on an island where they must navigate sea caves filled with crashing waves, a herd of sea lions, giant elephant seals, and where discover artifacts from the island’s previous residents. As they make their way to the distant lighthouse, they learn the importance of never giving up and sticking together. Watch the trailer:

Featuring real life sisters Avila, Autumn, and Scarlet Schmidt as “Avila,” “Autumn,” and “Scarlet.”

Lise Romanoff, CEO/Managing Director of Vision Films says, “The three young girls in Island of the Lost Girls are a force to be reckoned with! Audiences will be swept away by their talent and very real bravery, exemplifying that girls can do anything. This is an adventurous ride that reminds us to let go a little bit and enjoy the natural world around us.”

Filmmakers Ann-Marie and Brian Schmidt share, “As parents as well as filmmakers, we wanted to share the love and adventure that our family has swimming through sea caves with sea lions. This film gives a chance for families to be a part of this beautiful world that’s hiding right on the coast, as they get to see a thrilling and heart-warming story of three sisters trying to stick together despite the odds against them. We loved working with our kids. Their involvement brought spontaneity and authenticity to the story, and allowed the film to go into some really bold directions that we weren’t expecting.”

Winner: San Diego Film Award 2023, Best Visual Effects

Winner: San Diego Film Award 2023, Best Cinematography

Winner: Red Rock Film Festival 2022, Aglet Award, Fiction Feature Production

The film was featured at some of the largest children’s film festivals in the world including in Ireland, Poland, Australia, and the Fantasia Film Festival in Montreal where it was the only family feature film included. It was also nominated for Best Debut Film at the International Film Festival of India at Goa.

Island of the Lost Girls will be released on Transactional VOD October 3, 2023 across the US and Canada, followed by DVD. For more information follow the Schmidt family on IG @islandoflostgirls or online at

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