Virvittore Clothing Announces a New Line of Vibrant Styles of Luxury Men’s Jackets, Blazers, and Coats for Any Occasion

BOSTON, Sept. 12, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — A new Fall ‘2022 lineup of unique elegant styles from Virvittore luxury men’s jackets, blazers, and coats will help anyone express their personality and elevate their look for any formal or informal event and anything in between.

It’s not often that a high-end luxury brand develops a clothing line that is tasteful, and chic but functional at the same time.

“Our garments are all about breaking away from the established monochromatic mutes of black, blues, and greys and open different dimensions of colors and quality fabrics that are emotionally expressive and graceful but not loud to fit anyone’s lifestyle,” said Virvittore’s Design Director, Saliha.

Every Virvittore garment is a work of art with a limited production run. The fun vibrant colors and quality fabrics, feel great to complement any occasion. It can also fill the gap between formal and informal where formal looks too restrictive, but you don’t want to look too casual.

We painstakingly spend time selecting styles, fabrics, textiles, and even thread and button colors to create a variety of artistic styles which are unique and considered collectibles. Beautiful statement pieces one can wear as their heart desires to express their taste and personality,” said Saliha.

Every piece is a unique cut bringing a distinct creative perspective to life. There is a deep-rooted story behind the creative vision of the colors, hues, fabric, weight, and craftsmanship while finding inspiration and emotions from around the world.

For example, the Fall’s content brown texture blazer is inspired by Andy Warhol’s Marilyn Diptych and depicts a full spectrum of colors and hues with sophistication. The style looks great formally or informally, even with T-shirts and blue jeans.

“Intricate design planning such as weaving orange threads makes the piece stand out,” said Saliha.

This rusty brown textured luxury wool blend blazer is designed for superior fitting, flow, and feel. It embraces the refined textures, patterns, and craftsmanship that embodies the artistic elements of the Virvittore brand with the highest standards of style and luxury. 

Contrary to popular belief, not all jackets require a lining. Depending upon the fabric and craftsmanship, the lining usually supports the fabric or hides stitching.

Most Virvittore clothing doesn’t require lining in all pieces. If used, it’s there to protect the fabric’s delicate nature without compromising craftsmanship.

The single-breasted brown textured blazer has a slim fit and provides an attractive silhouette with a limited run of 500 units.

The red lapel stitching of the Underwood luxury black and white blazer brings out the colors of the smokey wool blend with a hint of cotton for superior fitting, flow, and feel. It looks great with just a white shirt, black jeans, or khakis, and only 300 units are produced.

“Inspired by Picasso Black and White exhibition emphasizing the philosophy in the weakness of colors and yet how powerful it can be when a minimalist color palette upholds a delicate poise between sophistication and tonal values,” said Virvittore PR Director Tara Awal.

Virvittore speaks a cross-cultural design language with a touch of modernism, simplicity, and legacy.

“Even though the world is trending towards minimalism, the brand’s unique styles can amplify personal experiences with elements that define elegance and universal appeal,” she adds.

Virvittore’s Fall ’22 and Spring ’23 collection of limited edition luxury men’s blazers and sports jackets are elegantly handcrafted with a premium quality wool blend fabric for superior fitting and flow.

The brand’s Fall ’22 luxury men’s overcoats and bomber jackets are an ensemble of craftsmanship and style statement.

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