Virtual RAN Starts to Turn the Corner

New report highlights the ‘turning point’ in Cloud RAN development

CAMPBELL, Calif., April 11, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Virtual Mobile Networks are in deployment for major mobile operators today, and the past six months have marked a major milestone in the adoption of Virtual RAN (Virtual Radio Access Networks) for 5G.

Mobile Experts documented the architectural and business model changes in its latest report, titled Virtual RAN 2024, which was released this week. The new forecast provides details of Cloud RAN infrastructure to be deployed through 2032, capturing 5G, 5G-Advanced, and 6G deployment. In particular, the new report highlights how the mobile operators will be consolidating their mobile network software to a small number of suppliers, while broadening their base of hardware suppliers to encourage more competition.

The new report includes forecasts of 4G, 5G, and 6G capacity to be deployed through 2032, along with forecasts of the number of vDU software instances, vCU software instances, vDU/vCU software revenue, and other key factors. Illustrations of different market dynamics for public telecom networks and private networks are highlighted, and nitty-gritty analysis of power consumption, in-line and look-aside acceleration, and other semiconductor aspects are covered in detail.

“The AT&T contract with Ericsson marks a very important milestone in deployment of Cloud RAN,” commented Joe Madden, Principal Analyst. “While Ericsson is not delivering Cloud RAN broadly to AT&T today, the new contract establishes a roadmap which leads directly to vRAN and Open RAN for a more flexible, modern network.”

“Our life-cycle cost analysis is the key to this report. In our detailed cost investigation, we found that Cloud RAN can be expensive at first, but will save as much as 20% of TCO over the long term in a network. The reason is that Cloud RAN is more flexible and efficient for network upgrades…allowing the operator to reduce their spending on development, field deployment, testing, and maintenance.”

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