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CTV ad platform,, releases first fully autonomous self-serve tool in the industry

CHICAGO, June 6, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Did you know that 95% of TV ad spend comes from Fortune 500 companies? Until recently, only titans of industry could afford the upfront costs and long timelines of traditional TV buying, but not anymore. 

The meteoric rise of connected TV advertising has already laid the groundwork for a profound paradigm shift, but Vibe.cos self-serve CTV ad platform which now allows all clients, big and small, to upload and launch their campaigns in less than a minute is what turned this shift into a revolution. 

The new self-registration feature, launching in May of 2022, allows marketers to go live on TV in a couple minutes with:

  • No budget constraints
  • No contract processing delays
  • A custom channel mix
  • Precise targeting
  • Real-time, 3rd party reporting has been in beta for over a year before opening up to self registration. It already is used by major clients such as Scopely, AdoreMe or Blink Fitness. The company also already partners with leading measurement companies such as Adjust to measure app installs and on site traffic. CEO and co-founder, Arthur Querou, has never had much patience for the unnecessary complexity of the digital media buying experience. He has been fighting against this complexity for the last 15 years, first as a teenage hacker, then with Motionlead (creator of playable ad units and now part of Adikteev) and with his most recent company, KMTX, a 100% automated performance trading desk leveraging semantic data. 

Today, with, he has set his sights on the newest advertising frontier: CTV and OTT. Already an advertising ecosystem outlier since it focuses exclusively on CTV performance advertising (instead of a suite of tools requiring complex account management) is pushing the envelope by taking on the challenge of radically democratizing the ad buying process. 

"TV is one of the most effective and scalable advertising channels but has been exclusively used by F500 so far due to complexity and budget requirements. CTV & OTT is a game changer and Vibe will be the enabler for the new generation of companies, entrepreneurs and innovators to finally leverage the power of TV.," says Querou. "The process should be simple enough for anyone to access it, and the reporting should be clear and reliable enough that large enterprises get the granular data they need while SMBs can confidently invest their smaller budgets in a new media channel," he continues.

The combined forces of a global pandemic and 3rd party cookie deprecation have thrown the nascent CTV ad landscape into overdrive, with IABs 2022 Outlook Report stating "Connected TV (CTV) ad spend increased 57% in 2021 to $15.2B and is expected to grow an additional 39% in 2022 to $21.2B. Between 2020 and 2022, CTV ad spend is projected to more than double (+118%). In fact, three out of four video buyers (76%) label CTV as a must buyin their media planning budgets." 

The choice for todays marketers is clear: learn about CTV advertising, and fast, but the good news is that has given its army of tech engineers one simple assignment: create the most simple, transparent, and efficient self-serve CTV ad platform out there, and guess what… they delivered. 

About Founded in 2021 by Arthur Quérou and Frank is a CTV&OTT advertising platform and the first in the market to open the platform up for self serve to companies large and small. 

Joel Halpern
Chief Marketing Officer