Valerie Carter Reimagined on Retro Soul Remake of “Never Get Your Love Behind Me” with The Faragher Brothers.

LOS ANGELES, Feb. 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Valerie Carter, the late Southern California vocalist, is reimagined in a stunning new remake of The Faragher Brothers 1976 classic hit, “Never Get Your Love Behind Me,” on Faraphonic Records in conjunction with Cowboy Angel Records. In this exciting collaboration, the Valerie Carter Estate and Faragher Brothers have joined forces to bring a retro soul single to life. This special release is recorded with a special twist—the inclusion of Valerie Carter’s original vocals from 1977 intended for her Columbia Records album, “Wild Child.”

Following up on the recent “Lost Tapes” releases by Valerie Carter in 2018 (Vol 1) and 2022 (Vol 2), once again Val’s close friend, music producer Kathy Kurasch, and sister Jan Carter, have rediscovered unreleased material. Kathy notes: “I found another old cassette of Val’s from the “Wild Child” album demos, and there was an added song not included on the album of The Faragher Brothers’ “Never Get Your Love Behind Me.” We got the idea to recut the song with the current Faragher Brothers band by isolating Val’s vocal from the original demo, and then flying it into the new recording.”

“Never Get Your Love Behind Me” resounds as a soulful remaster, reflecting the essence of the era with newly recorded tracks by Tommy Faragher and the splendid vocals of Valerie Carter and Jimmy Faragher. As an added bonus, the B side of this single will surprise fans with a new recording of James Brown’s “What My Baby Needs Now,” featuring Valerie’s vocals reinserted from an electric live performance in 1976. The result is a spirited rendition capturing the soulful energy of both Valerie and Jimmy Faragher.

Through this project, Valerie Carter is celebrated. Her soul-stirring voice is given new life, ensuring her musical legacy lives on. Valerie was a beloved member of the Laurel Canyon music community. Her solo work and collaborations touched many of our greatest performers. Her credits include work with James Taylor, Jackson Browne, Linda Ronstadt, Christopher Cross, Neil Diamond, Little Feat, Prince, Earth Wind & Fire, and Jimmy Webb.

The new single, “Never Get Your Love Behind Me”, is available on all major streaming platforms and the official Valerie Carter website and Facebook page. The 7″ vinyl will be available on Record Store Day 2024.

Media Contact:
Kathy Kurasch

SOURCE Cowboy Angel Records