Upcoming Episode of Omniv8rse's "The Unsigned Review", Hosted By DeShawn Marks, Will Host Musician B.A.

ATLANTA, Sept. 7, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Omniv8rse’s show "The Unsigned Review" is a space to interview, preview, and review unsigned and independent artists. Upcoming musician B.A., also known as Brandon Alexander, will appear on "The Unsigned Review" to perform two songs, dive into the meaning behind the lyrics of one of his songs, and have the chance to share his unique story.

"The Unsigned Review is a passion project for me. My dream was to make it in the music business. I’m an artist that did not make it big," says host DeShawn Marks. "There are so many talented artists out there, and the pandemic gave them even less chances to get on stage to perform.

This show is giving them a platform in order to be recognized on a larger stage."

Brandon Alexander is a professional Canadian football player currently playing for the Winnipeg Bombers in Canada. On top of that, he just dropped a critically acclaimed EP on all streaming platforms called "Two Sided."

Through "The Unsigned Review," hosts Lonnie Jackson and Deshawn Marks create a space where you can meet top artists from around the world and understand all the facets of what, who, and why they create their music. This first season is set to have some very top talent guests, including the first guests of the season: Atlas and Dreamadai. The show streams on Freeli TV Google Play, Apple and Roku devices.

For this upcoming episode, it was important to find a way to give back to the young entertainers in the city of Atlanta. Omniv8rse is proud to partner with Georgia State University/P.E.G./NCEG. Through this partnership, Omniv8rse aspires to help give young college students who are interested in being in the music business the chance to appear on "The Unsigned Review."

"Music is another form of communication and its vibrations resonate with all people and pushes past cultural differences, genres, ethnicities, Race, Nationality, and religions. We look to bridge the gap within our communities and continue to empower the cultures with this platform." -Omniv8rse

Co host and creator DeShawn Marks is an author and motivational speaker who just released his new book Grind From the Inside Out. He says this project goes hand in hand with what he tells readers they can do even if they feel like the odds are stacked against them.

"When I think about Grind from the Inside Out, it is a journey of self discovery to improve your life," Marks says. "The Unsigned Review is a similar pathway. This is a platform for unsigned artists who don’t really have a voice in the industry."

"As we journey through life, we think we’re taking care of ourselves but we really aren’t. We’re in a default mode. " DeShawn explains. "Accepting things as they come to us. If something in my story, life or business has moved, challenged, or even inspired you, I want to empower people to do something with it and let it build in you so greatness can come out of you."

The Unsigned Review is a podcast show that will be released once a month, mainly through YouTube. Hosted by Lonnie Jackson and Deshawn Marks, it’s a podcast that showcases unsigned artists from around the world who are creating an impact within their community without the backing of a major company. The show streams on Freeli TV and other apps on Roku devices.

DeShawn Marks is an entrepreneur and businessman who is currently involved in various ventures, including his position as co-owner at Omniv8rse. On top of that, Marks recently published his first book, "Grind From the Inside Out." Visit https://www.deshawnmarks.com/ to get more information about other projects DeShawn Marks is working on and visit https://grindfromtheinsideout.com/ to order "Grind From the Inside Out."

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