Upcoming Artist OnlyJame, Brings New Summer Hit Wasteful to LA, Inspired from His Own Millennial Love Story

LOS ANGELES, July 30, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — As Chicago rapper OnlyJame sets roots in Los Angeles, he brings along with him the beat of the summer: Wasteful. Inspired by his own millennial love story and the traumatic events of 2020, OnlyJame wrote Wasteful as a way to bring in the New Year with a new vibration. The song is about changing your perspective to find the positive in the most difficult of situations.

His favorite beat so far, OnlyJame says he is addicted to Wasteful- from the melody, the lyrics, and the overall positive energy that it brings. Wasteful has resonated with crowds across the United States and reached over 100K streams on YouTube and Spotify in the past month.

"I produced Wasteful as a way to energize 2021. This song is a reminder that things will get better, no matter how bad they seem to be." – OnlyJame

On track to be his biggest single yet, this is only the beginning for OnlyJame. His cult-like following are loyal fans who see OnlyJame for who he really is: tenacious, self-motivated, and never a quitter. What makes his songs so unique is how relatable they are, to him and his listeners. Always drawing from personal experiences, OnlyJame makes rapping seem easy with his flow of words and style that together tell stories of perseverance and strength.

Music and melodies are natural traits for OnlyJame, aka Darnell Barrett who has been performing since the age of five.  Coming from a family of talented musicians, Barrett wanted to follow in the same footsteps of his own grandfather who was touring the US in the 60s, with his own hit soul songs.

Rapper and storyteller, OnlyJame produces his music as a way to cope with his own tough situations. From love and relationships to life philosophies, OnlyJame is a master of empathy and paints different pictures of life from his own perspective.

For more on the upcoming artist, OnlyJame subscribe to his YouTube channel and follow him on Instagram for the latest updates @onlyjame. Listen to Wasteful now: OnlyJame – Wasteful Full Lyric Video

Darnell Barret