Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment® Launches Powerful New Drive-In Technologies

AUSTIN, Texas, Feb. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Today, Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment® (UOE) announced that it is launching their exclusive new “4K at The Drive-In” campaign, with one goal — to revolutionize the drive-in movie experience and outdoor movies through their new lineup of ultra-bright 4K resolution projectors and crystal-clear Mobile Audio App.

UOE Founder and CTO, Darrell Landers said “The rebirth of the drive-in during the COVID pandemic has been an amazing journey so far, and we are proud to be the industry’s leading provider of drive-in equipment & technologies to drive-in theaters, both old and new.  We have seen a huge influx of new drive-in’s opening around the country, including our very own The Ultimate Drive-In located in Austin, TX, but many of them are still using yesterday’s technology when it comes to projection and audio, which can mean faint images & crackly audio.”

Panasonic’s new lineup of 20,000 and 30,000 lumen 4K projectors will allow UOE to absolutely amaze customers every night with it’s brilliant 4K resolution and stunning brightness. “If you have been to some of the old drive-in’s you know it’s not necessarily the best video quality you’ve ever seen. Outdoor movie screens and drive-in theaters are our passion, and we are upgrading that experience across America one screen at a time with these massively bright projectors and our new audio listening options.”
Laura Landers, President & CEO. 

As part of their multi-year “4K at The Drive-In” campaign, Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment® is also upgrading listening experiences at drive-in’s across the country. UOE’s new crystal-clear Mobile Audio App is a great alternative to FM radios as a way to listen to the movie in your car through your phone, using your own earbuds or headphones. 

“UOE has really raised the bar on today’s drive-in movie experience. We’ve successfully designed and built multiple drive-in theaters across the country in 2020, some of them more than 5-stories tall!  In addition, UOE has hosted more than 1,500 mobile drive-in events last year with AIRSCREEN® inflatable movie screens for universities, cities, park & rec departments, community fairgrounds, schools, churches, corporate events and neighborhood movie nights. UOE’s technology and state-of-the-art presentation has elevated today’s drive-in, and we’re not stopping there.”
Shawn Griffith, VP of Production for UOE.

“We have a dozen more permanent drive-in installations slated for 2021 and we might just build the largest drive-in screen in the U.S. one day soon.  Whether it’s an outdoor movie screen rental, mobile drive-in, semi-permanent, or permanent drive-in theater, our objective is to mirror the quality of indoor theater experiences with incredible video and heart pounding audio.  What we are building here will revolutionize the drive-in movie experience!” Griffith said.

Ultimate Outdoor Entertainment® (UOE) is taking outdoor events to the next level. UOE started in 2008 as a small business operating out of a garage in Austin, TX. Today, UOE is still a family-owned business and operates nationwide with locations in more than 20 major cities across 12 states, offering outdoor moviesmobile drive-in eventsLED screen rentals and drive-in design, build & construction, all available at UOE.com

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