U.S.A. ThisWeek Aims to Launch New National News Network to Finally Identify and Address the Unsolved Race and Social Justice Problem Plaguing Mainstream Media

KNOXVILLE, Tenn., March 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — U.S.A. ThisWeek is announcing the launch of its GoFundMe campaign to raise a minimum of $500,000.00 to produce the pilot for its all-American, all-inclusive 24/7 national cable news television network and 24/7 online news magazine that will have an integrated staff and non-racist editorial policy. This means the heart of the unsolved race and social justice problem is finally being identified and addressed.

Among black and white Americans, the presumption has been that with integration and the success of the civil rights movement the racist traditions and practices with the press and police ceased. Camera phones and YouTube showing black cops just as abusive with blacks as their white partners ended that mistaken “police myth.” However, the integrated mainstream news media has continued its unknown racist practice of supporting the police in race matters. 

In “The Big Cover-Up” video, U.S.A. ThisWeek shows the ultimate example of this continued racist practice with the entire news media undeniably and knowingly going along with the police misconduct and cover-up, making no exception for the involvement of the black President, Barack Obama.

Combining the integrated news media’s little known racist practice of supporting the police in race matters with the police “code of silence” explains the lack of accountability and the permissive environment the police have enjoyed in race and police matters.

This has been America’s best kept racist secret, having eluded the awareness of the nation’s best and brightest, civil rights activists, intellectuals, historians, those in the arts, entertainers, and sports professionals. They’re working on other areas of racial concerns while this key basic racist problem remains unknown and unaddressed.

“We can’t afford to let this breakthrough information elude these major corporations and companies that have announced their commitment to the race and social justice solution,” said fundraiser organizer James Babington Johnson. “Between the 22 companies with unlimited resources who have stated ‘Lasting change will require more than statements of support,‘ and the 100k pledge with $45B+ in commitments to racial justice initiatives, these are the ideal audiences to whom to present this game-changing concept that goes to the heart of the race and social justice problem and the ultimate solution.”

Documented in the breakthrough LinkedIn article entitled, THE NATION’S GEORGE FLOYD OPPORTUNITY WE CAN’T AFFORD TO PASS UP,” the information shows why the race and social justice problem has remained unsolved these last fifty integration years. The article’s in-depth analysis with its supporting videos is tailor-made for those looking for a well-substantiated, game-changing solution to support, which ironically will make the reader more aware than many of the activists on the front lines who have “slept” this for years. 

U.S.A. ThisWeek’s goal and solution is to put in place the all-American, all-inclusive national news media operation people presumed existed that they have shown is missing (full details in the article). This is the national news media concept whose time has come.

Media Contact:
J Babington Johnson


SOURCE U.S.A. ThisWeek