Twickenham House on Frasers Ridge Hosts Outlander Cast Members

JEFFERSON, N.C., June 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Twickenham House on Fraser’s Ridge hosts Outlander Cast Members. Twickenham House is a breathtaking English home in the NC mountains that is reminiscent of “Fraser’s Ridge.” It was the exclusive setting for a private five day gathering with select members of the Outlander cast and fans of the series. This unique event brought together cast members of the beloved TV series Outlander and their dedicated fans for an intimate weekend of celebration and camaraderie.

This high altitude 430 acre property has terrain, meadows and forests that re-create the feel of Fraser’s Ridge depicted in the Outlander novels and television series.

The five-day event showcased a range of activities, from a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Outlander to a trip to the Scottish Highland Games, a live podcast Q&A session with the cast, and a traditional Scottish ceilidh.

Together they prepared Scottish delights dined on traditional fare, and created crafts Indigenous to the mid 1700s when Outlander series is set.

The cast members were warmly embraced by their fans. This was more than just a meet-and-greet; it was an opportunity to forge genuine connections over several days, making the event all the more special.

The event was a truly special occasion for fans of Outlander. It provided a unique opportunity to meet the actors in a relaxed and informal setting and to celebrate the show’s success. The cast members were gracious and enthusiastic, and they showed genuine affection for the show and its fans.

“It was thrilling to spend time with the actors and get to know them,” said Leigh Harrow, Director of Events at Twickenham House.

Twickenham House, located in the Blue Ridge Mountains, is a luxury event venue for 200 guests. The Old English estate offers onsite accommodations for up to 50 people. The cliffside terrace showcases spectacular long-range views.

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