Tunedly Offers Listeners the Chance to Win Big

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — People consciously choose to listen to music to make them feel happy or excited, studies have shown, one reason music is a treasured part of human life. No study is required to prove people also enjoy winning monetary treasure. That’s a given. Now, Tunedly has combined these elements in a unique way to offer listeners on the Tunedly Music Discovery platform a chance to win big.

Throughout the month of September, Tunedly (www.tunedly.com/listeners) is giving away $500 to the first 10 listeners on its music discovery platform who can name an established, major label artist on the Tunedly Music Discovery app, and provide his or her song title. Think of it as a new twist on the popular Masked Singer competition.

The Tunedly music discovery app strips all identifying information from artists so their music can be judged purely on its own merit. To have the best chance of winning, participants should visit the site often, keep their ears wide open, and listen carefully.

There are currently about 1,200 songs live on the music discovery app, with more being added every day. About two-thirds are from new, independent artists, and one third are from established, major label artists, including Bruno Mars, Kane Brown, Fall Out Boy and many more.

During the contest period, listeners who identify a song from an established artist can tweet to Tunedly (@tunedly), using the hashtag #tunedlywhosthesinger. The tweet must include the artist’s name and the title of the song. The first 10 submissions that correctly name the artist and title of the song will get $500 in cash. 

"We’re not your typical streaming service," says CEO and co-founder Chris Erhardt. "We’re excited to be able to give back to people who love music as much as we do. This new contest is one way, but there are others. People can sign up for a free Tunedly account, start streaming songs in their favorite genres and become a scout. If they like a song and think it could become a hit, they can give it an upvote—one free upvote every day. When one of the songs they’ve scouted becomes a Tunedly Top Hit, listeners can earn royalties, cash or other prizes."

Erhardt knows listeners to the Tunedly Music Discovery platform will likely find reasons beyond a contest to return to the Tunedly site again and again.

A global online music production and publishing source, Tunedly connects songwriters and other music creators with world-class session musicians for professional music production and music publishing services. It recently inked a deal to partner with the international Spirit Music Group.

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