Trubify Revolution Fights for Artistic Independence!

LOS ANGELES, Aug. 17, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Trubify, the revolutionary livestreaming app that empowers artists and music lovers alike, continues to provide creators with ways to monetize their art without compromise, while also bringing fans together to discover and share exciting new music.

The Trubify community is invaluable at a time when the world-wide pandemic has viciously disrupted conventional methods for musicians to earn a living, such as club and mid-size venue tours, direct-to-fans merch sales at concerts, and appearing at music festivals.

"When the Coronavirus hit, all of my normal gigging came to an end," says musician Cesar Livio. "Trubify allowed me to continue to perform, spread my music, and pursue my dream. I stream on Trubify because I can put money in my pocket today, but I see my future in it, too. Trubify provides the freedom for me to follow my own path, engage with my fans, and collaborate with brands and other artists. It’s a game changer."

As Trubify continues to expand its community and resources, the benefits to creators and music lovers increase exponentially. Fans will have even more great content to experience, and artists can earn bigger payouts, thanks to the larger pool of potential viewers.

"I love that Trubify has built a community that is 100-percent about music," says Steve Walton of the band Surf Monster. "As a music fan, I don’t like wasting my time on social networks that aren’t explicitly dedicated to promoting music—there are simply too many distractions and musical dilettantes. As an artist myself, I want to interact with like-minded creators to share ideas, business strategies, and the joy of music making."

As a collective of benevolent revolutionaries, the Trubify team never considers any of the app’s achievements as "job done." Steadfastly committed to innovation, Trubify always seeks new and unique ways to unite artists, fans, and brands.

"These days, talent and strategy can only take you so far," says creator Halle Alice. "Artists need real-world marketing and promotional tools to help us connect with fans. The Trubify community—and all Trubify does to help me engage with that community—gives me a chance at connecting with people who might support me and my music."

Trubify is fighting for higher artist payouts and more independence. Help us change music. Join the Trubify revolution and download now!

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Trevor Zinn

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