“Trolled” The Island Boys Documentary (Now Streaming) on Gdocs.tv

Premiered: February 26, 2023
Time: 12:00 a.m. (Sunday Night)
Streaming Platform: Gdocs.tv

Production Company
Think Global Media
dba Global Filmz

MIAMI, Feb. 28, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — From the Global Filmz founder and award-winning Executive Producer Nathan Taupez Scinto comes “Trolled” a three-part docuseries that profiles The Island Boys. The Global Filmz crew have traveled all over the world to tell incredible stories. This time the film crew found themselves right back where it all began – in south Florida.

Their latest documentary project is an in-depth profile of the controversial identical twin brothers and Florida natives, Alex (Flyysoulja) and Franky (Kodiyakredd) Venegas also known as the “Island Boys,”

This series takes an unprecedented deep dive into the systematic development of their brand through otherwise unconventional means. As well as dissecting an emerging multi-million-dollar revenue stream that has been built by a strategic plan of action known as “Trolling” for the purpose of gaining “Clout” that has taken social media by storm.

The project was shot on location in south Florida and recently wrapped post-production at the Think Global Media / Global Filmz, New York City branch. The documentary was released to the public online at 12:00 a.m. on February 26, 2023.

The twins’ childhood is analogous to many in the current generation creating a sense of callousness amongst young adults worldwide. Armed with the internet, many have taken the opportunity to both create and destroy the works of others. Morphing from a world where only food and movie critics were relevant, now, everyone’s opinion “matters.” In this series, the Venegas brothers will serve as our real-life example to explore how this toxicity, combined with social media can be leveraged to build a notable platform and profitable brand.

“I always knew that me and my brother were going to make it. I just didn’t know we were going to make it off of hate.” – Alex ‘Flyysoulja’ Venegas

Media Contact:
Nathan Scinto


SOURCE Think Global Media Group