Tri-State Filmmakers Announce 5K Walk/Run Race in Ashland – Proceeds to Support the Independent Film Project “In the Name of Me and You” – OFFICIAL Trailer Now Available

Director Joshua Taylor wraps filming for Indy Film and releases OFFICIAL movie trailer- shot on location in West Virginia, Kentucky, & Ohio– shifts to post-production

 ASHLAND, Ky., May 10, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TreCosta Entertainment, Co. and Film Director Joshua Taylor will host a 5K Walk/Run in Ashland, KY on June 11 after dropping the OFFICIAL trailer for the independent film "In The Name of Me and You."

The proceeds will support local filmmakers and allow the post-production completion of "In the Name of Me and You." The screenplay, written by Ammie Ruddle, Barry Michael Daily and Joshua Taylor, was inspired by the opioid epidemic.

The film’s cast includes local talent and actors, all from the Tri-state area, many of whom joined after being inspired by the quality of the script and moved by the story.

"If any film needed to exist it is this one. It’s real, it’s now and it’s unique. Having lived most of this story first hand in my own marriage, I can only hope that this inspires others to truly seek help. Not many are aware that help is available to them, right here in town. Many organizations are accessible for people who specifically need help with addiction and that’s why it makes the most sense for our 5K to be hosted right here in Ashland. The torment of addiction is one that must be eliminated now."
Samantha Young, Lead Actress.

The project began in 2019 with the completed screenplay. Filming began prior to the pandemic, but was soon delayed due to the health crisis. The crew resumed filming in 2021 and wrapped before the end of the year. 

"The quality of effort needed to make an extraordinary film is the same quality needed from our communities, for us to come together, and lead our people away from addiction. TreCosta Entertainment is asking for help from all in the TriState. Help us complete our film, and make it possible to tell the story of the overcomer. This 5k for the movie, ‘In the Name of Me and You‘, will help us reach as many people as possible. Join us on June 11, and together, *Let’s run for our lives!"
 –Joshua A. Taylor, writer, producer & director-TreCosta Entertainment

The "Let’s Run For Our Lives: In the Name of Me and You" 5K Walk/Run event will be held in Ashland, Kentucky on June 11, 2022 beginning at Boyd County Public Library at 9:00a.m. Online registration is open at

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