Torrey Pines Gallery Opens in Coastal Enclave

“Be honest, how much time do you spend looking at screens?” 
– The American Psychological Association would like a word.

SAN DIEGO, Jan. 27, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Torrey Pines Gallery, the first of its kind fine art gallery located in Coastal North County featuring collaborations along the 101, invites you to gaze upon art and nature instead. Actually, try bringing the outside inside.

Nurtured by Nature, is an exhibit and exploration of the relationship of health benefits enjoyed by internalizing luxe naturals. A new state of the art process even allows gallery visitors to see what nature could possibly look like in their own property’s interior for aesthetic pleasure and relief, instantaneously. 

According to recent research posted by the American Psychological Association: “From a stroll through a city park to a day spent hiking in the wilderness, exposure to nature has been linked to a host of benefits, including improved attention, lower stress, better mood, reduced risk of psychiatric disorders and even upticks in empathy and cooperation.”

Key Empowerment Tool:

Not the time to go outside?  Bring outside to your own inside, instead.

To bring it into your actual environment before or after framing, simply find “Wall Preview or Live Preview.” A novel and enjoyable feature Torrey Pines Gallery provides is an exclusive look to you and your environment. It allows you to re-examine and bring the natural world right into your interior world.

This simple yet powerful process may lead to an everyday to increase in the time you are able to embrace the most healthy elements of nature and your environment. Subtle choices and intentional shifts we make naturally, as even a single painting or portrait or pairing, may provide daily non-tech prompt to a more gentle environment to help us resolve tensions of daily living inside us.

“There is mounting evidence, from dozens and dozens of researchers, that nature has benefits for both physical and psychological human well­being,” says Lisa Nisbet, PhD, a psychologist at Trent University in Ontario, Canada, who studies connectedness to nature. “You can boost your mood just by walking in nature, even in urban nature. And the sense of connection you have with the natural world seems to contribute to happiness even when you’re not physically immersed in nature.”

Luxe, serenity, energy, cozy, optimistic, refined, happy and bold.  How to reflect your daily intention back to you through visualizations of being nurtured by nature.  

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The Torrey Pines Gallery is the newest addition to the iconic high end design community and coastal bluffs of the West Coast of California to the Sierras.  The stylishly minimalist gallery exhibits contemporary photographic works, paintings, fine art photography, sculpture and assemblage from some of the most sought after photographers, sculptors and artists. The mission of the Torrey Pines Gallery is to allow an interior discovery and small movements in your intentional space through visual arts of the highest quality.

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