Top Destinations to Visit in 2024 Revealed on Travel That Matters, a CurtCo Media Podcast

MALIBU, Calif., Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — As the trusted podcast for luxury travel tips and insights since its inception, Travel That Matters released a new episode diving into the best places to visit in the coming year and what makes each destination special and worth considering before booking your 2024 travels.

Throughout the episode, you will hear the insights and advice of luxury travel leaders whom Bruce Wallin, Travel That Matters host and award-winning travel writer and editor, surveyed at the annual Virtuoso Travel Week, the world’s leading luxury travel conference. You’ll also hear the reactions and analysis of Bruce and his guest, fellow travel journalist Jackie Caradonio. While the better-known locations were not forgotten, like New York City, Boston, London, and Tokyo, Bruce and Jackie take listeners to Lamu and Ko Yao Yai, Riga and Dubrovnik, and far beyond.

“It was amazing to hear the diverse perspectives and insights on where to go in the coming year,” Bruce says. “I asked dozens of Virtuoso Travel Week attendees from all over the world what destination they’re most excited about for 2024, and I didn’t get the same answer twice. From a hidden region of Colombia to a high-profile hotel debut in London, this episode is for adventurers, foodies, escapists, and big-city lovers—basically anyone who cherishes travel and is interested in exploring new places.”

Listeners of this Travel That Matters episode will be ahead of the travel curve, discovering new hot spots to visit before they’re on everyone’s vacation radar. Some of the destinations will shock you! Plus, listeners learn things like which country has the largest variety of bird species, where the first Blue Zone was, where the 2026 Olympic Winter Games will be held, how you can cycle over 900 miles across six prefectures, and other unique facts about this beautiful world we love to explore.

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