Top #2 Netflix Producer, Marco Robinson, Launches New Filmstar S.U.C.C.E.S.S Formula to Get Your Film to the Top #10 Of Netflix & The Big Screen

LONDON, Jan. 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — If you are a beginning filmmaker or actor, you will know all too well how difficult it is to break into the dream position of having your film break into the top ten of Netflix and the big screen.

It takes years and years of commitment to your craft and for filmmakers sometimes a great deal of money to get even close.

Most artists give up and get a "real job."

Marco Robinson has learned the hard way, yet he has achieved the almost unthinkable with his first movie and now many others are following this success, films that he is directly producing and acting in and writing.

Marco Robinson’s first feature film "Legacy of Lies," which he produced and starred in, just debuted at #2 on Netflix in the USA and has won 13 major film awards.

See the top ten list here on the release date of the 15th of October, 2021.

You can see the full details of the film on Wikipedia;

You can see the Lionsgate official trailer of the film here;

He ran through a hundred brick walls and eventually made a film trailer so good, he won a million-dollar grant from the Ukrainian state film agency to make the film. The catch was that he had to find an A-list actor who could de-risk the entire project, so he could make a bigger and better film that would make money.

After one year of trying to cast that actor, Scott Adkins, probably the best action martial arts actor in the world signed on to the film, after loving the script and deep Eastern European plot and locations.

More money poured into the project from private investment and pre-sales of the film from different countries buying the territory they could stream the film and get into cinemas.

Post-production finished in December 2019, then the dreaded COVID-19 pandemic swept the globe and Legacy of Lies could not be premiered in theatres.

The movie was held back from release until February, 2021, when the rights were sold to Netflix UK, where it shot to number 4 in the charts and stayed there for many weeks. And in October, Netflix USA bought rights and things just got better as it debuted at number 2—beyond what Marco had ever thought possible. It was definitely a dream come true, a boyhood dream, an amazing story of incredible adversity to create phenomenal success.

You can read more about Marco’s origin story here, of how he went from homlessness to finding success:

Since this incredible success, as you can imagine Marco’s inbox has become its own pandemic of people that really want his help.

So he decided to create his own program that can help you develop a world class script, cast fantastic actors to the project and fund and distribute your movie.

He calls this the "Filmstar S.U.C.C.E.S.S Formula" – the seven steps to get your movie scripted, funded and distributed.

He comes on board as an award winning #2 Netflix producer to your project and becomes a leading cast member of your film attracting his millions of social media following to the film. He even guarantees distribution of your film.

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