To Build Upon the Momentum of the 11/2 Election Victories for Our Traditional American Values, eVoiceAmerica® Introduces a First-Ever, Same-Time-Everywhere, National/Local Rally Across 4 Time Zones at Local Locations to "Show Our Strength"

BOISE, Idaho, Nov. 23, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — eVoiceAmerica Data, LLC ( announces a simultaneous, national rally in our local communities across the nation. This rally peacefully assembles the 70%+ patriotic Americans who think the country is going in the wrong direction and embrace our founding American principles and ideals. Now, patriotic Americans can assemble to make a national statement.

Where and When: 1P/ET, adjusted for your time zone, on Saturday, December 4th, in public, city hall parking lots in every community.

NOTE: No permits are required since this Rally will not be a festival, parade, procession, march, road/bicycle race or walk. Further, these parking lots will not be in use on a Saturday; there will be no disruptive noise, nor sidewalk / street-traffic impact; will be less than a 1-hour duration; and attended by only local residents exercising their free speech and assembly rights. Attendees will be spread over 19,000 public, local city hall parking lots across the country.

Why: Let’s use this rally to demand that Congress vote to override all anti-energy-production executive orders to which orders destroyed US energy independence. Overriding these orders will ease or prevent 1) winter heating hardships for fixed-income Americans, 2) energy shortages, and 3) increasing energy costs. This will restore all energy resources which will also reverse the inflation caused by ever-increasing energy prices and unlock the supply chain. 

SOS Rally: How You Can Participate

"All freedom-loving Americans just need to show up. Optional: Patriotic Americans, can send their cell phone, Rally videos to YouTube (US SOS Rally — 12/4/21) to generate, post-rally, media impact," said eVoiceAmerica.

Visit for details and share it to make this Rally an American Majority assembly. This Rally is to be a peaceful, civil assembly to show ourselves, families, neighbors, communities, the nation, and the world that the American Majority, who support our founding-principles, exceeds the Big Government minority.

About eVoiceAmerica Data, LLC is a take-action, political platform, where Americans can email their issue-based opinions and eVotes directly to their members of Congress. These eVotes create constituent-validated, majority percentages on current social and economic issues to majority input on Congressional policy and legislation. This SOS Rally is a non-profit, public service event.

Media Contact:
Sandra B. Brazier and Dee Jeffries, Co-Founders
Phone: 888.993.8642

SOURCE eVoiceAmerica Data LLC