TNT Recordings and the Solo Piano Group Release New Music from Shock G Collection – “The Piano Man”

OAKLAND, Calif., Feb. 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — TNT Recordings and the Solo Piano Group (SPG) today announced the release of a second single from Shock G, founder of digital underground who passed away in April 2022.  Shock G’s interpretation of the jazz classic, "Round Midnight," composed in 1944 by Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award winner Thelonious Monk will be released on Friday, February 4, 2022, on all DSP’s and is the second single from "The Piano Man," a collection of songs performed by Shock G. "The Piano Man" is scheduled for release later this year.

"Round Midnight" is another example of the diversity of Shock G’s talent and the musicians who influenced his talent," stated Atron Gregory, Shock G’s manager and business partner. "Shock loved playing the piano.  He played every day and studied numerous music masters including Thelonious Monk. "The Piano Man" EP will embrace Shock’s passion for various styles and genres of music through his interpretations of each song as evidenced by "Round Midnight" which is one of the most recorded jazz standards composed by a jazz musician.

Here’s a quote from an interview that Shock G did with the Tampa Bay Nightlife TV in 2011 discussing his music: "I decided just rhyming wasn’t enough. DJing wasn’t enough. I wanted to know the foundation of music. So, I started learning Jazz, Blues, all the things that came before."

SPG is proud to share our platform and commitment to helping people through this difficult time with music that allows them to take a deep breath, collect their thoughts and relax.

About the Solo Piano Group
Music Industry executive, Atron Gregory, initially created the Solo Piano Group to recognize the lack of diversity in mood music by assembling accomplished pianists from different genres across the globe i.e., Glen Pearson, Derek McKinney, Janice Maxie Reid, Michaela Overall and Dee Spencer.  Shock G has reminded us that there is diversity through inclusion as future pianists who join SPG will share music that has influenced their love of music and performance.

About TNT-Recordings
Atron Gregory, founder of TNT-Recordings, has an extensive resume as an artist manager, tour manager and executive producer of multi-genre Grammy-nominated recordings. His credits include a diverse array of artists including Grammy nominees Tupac Shakur (4 nominations), Stanley Clarke (12 nominations, 3 wins) and Rodney Franklin (2 nominations) and N.W.A., Digital Underground and World Class Wreckin’ Cru. Gregory assembled and released the first album from SOLO PIANO GROUP, MELLOW MOODS, in 2020 which includes a series of relaxing recordings from accomplished pianists from around the world."

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