Timeplus Open Sources its Powerful Streaming Analytics Engine for Developers Globally

Timeplus open-source code is now available to developers under the Apache 2.0 License leveraging ClickHouse for historical OLAP analytics

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Sept. 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Timeplus, creator of one of the industry’s fastest and most powerful streaming analytics platforms, announced today that it has licensed its core engine, Proton, as open source for developers worldwide. Timeplus has developed an innovative, unified streaming + historical analytics platform, with its historical online analytical processing (OLAP) using ClickHouse. This means businesses can now seamlessly generate ad hoc reports over very large datasets, using both historical data and live streaming data. And they can accomplish this faster and at a lesser cost than with other streaming frameworks.

“Timeplus is a company built by engineers, for engineers,” said Ting Wang, co-founder and CEO at Timeplus. “While developers have been thrilled with the simplicity and elegance of our product, many have asked us to go open source. We listened and are excited to license our software as open source and contribute code to ClickHouse that will benefit developers everywhere. Users will gain value from an amazing combination of best-in-class real-time OLAP analytics and powerful, lightweight stream processing.”

Stream processing alone is not enough for analytics use cases. Solving root-cause problems in real time requires the ability to reference historical data to get the job done correctly. Leveraging Timeplus and ClickHouse code, developers can now natively and seamlessly connect historical data and analytics capabilities to solve complex real-time analytics use cases, like online and offline correlation, backfill, and back-testing. Users can easily run unified analytics to solve challenging analytic problems across a number of use cases, including financial services and IoT. And, users can accomplish this faster and cheaper than before. In production, customers’ total cost of ownership with Timeplus was 10% that of using other streaming/real-time frameworks, all with one streaming SQL.

Purpose-built to tackle industry challenges, where real-time analytics make a difference
Timeplus is solving an incredibly difficult technical challenge: creating an elegant, easy-to-use unified streaming and historical analytics platform in a single binary. The unique combination of best-in-class real-time OLAP analytics (ClickHouse) with powerful, lightweight streaming processing and incremental analytics capabilities (Timeplus) will transform the way data engineers and analysts work. Over 250 Timeplus beta customers are using the Timeplus platform.

Many industries demand innovative approaches to continuous intelligence, like capital markets. From optimizing costs to support trading with reduced infrastructure, to detecting fraud in a changing economy, real-time processing has long been critical. Developers often faced a trilemma between speed, power, and openness: they could only choose two. Timeplus has combined the power of unified historical plus streaming queries with a low-latency engine – all through the open standard of SQL. By open-sourcing the core, developers across the industry can leverage Timeplus to contribute to an innovative platform for data analytics in the era of real-time streaming. The Timeplus streaming-SQL and real-time analysis capabilities allow developers worldwide to take part in revolutionizing how organizations across industries create competitive advantage.

“In today’s rapidly changing markets, businesses must go real-time or become obsolete,” said Ms. Ling Wang, head of the information technology department of Huatai Securities, a Global Fortune 1000 company. “Timeplus fills a major gap in the market. It combines ease of use, SQL that supports streaming, and speed. It makes extracting insights from streaming data even easier, saving us from writing thousands of lines of code and hundreds of hours of development. The ability to monitor and analyze massive amounts of real-time investment data leads to greater risk control and cost analysis.”

Timeplus launched in March 2022. The company has secured $9M in funding to date, from leading global investors such as Hillhouse Capital and angel investors including Jeremy Kranz, founder Sentinel Capital; Rory Sexton, former SVP of Supply Chain at Apple; and Richard Tibbetts, founder of StreamBase and a streaming industry pioneer.

Developers can visit Proton on GitHub, where they can get started in just a few minutes with a preconfigured Docker image, their mission-critical data, and a willingness to experiment.

About Timeplus
Timeplus is a streaming-first data analytics platform. It provides powerful end-to-end capabilities to help teams process streaming and historical data quickly and intuitively. It enables data engineers and platform engineers to unlock streaming data value using SQL. The Timeplus console allows developers to easily connect to diverse data sources (such as Apache Kafka, Confluent Cloud, Redpanda, CSV file upload), explore streaming patterns via SQL queries, send real-time insights and alerts to other systems or individuals, and create dashboards and visualizations. See: www.timeplus.com or https://github.com/timeplus-io/proton

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