Throw Your Phone for Aerial Videos

STUTTGART, Germany, Oct. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The young startup AERVIDEO announces its new product ‘AER TYP’. It allows users to throw smartphones for aerial photos and videos. Launching on Kickstarter on September 30th, the AER TYP is available to pre-order, starting at 59 €.

What sounds crazy at first, actually makes a lot of sense. We all have capable cameras in our pockets – So we can simply throw them to get unforeseen, engaging and immersive perspectives. AERVIDEO has years of experience throwing cameras. With their new product, they’re now expanding their target audience to all smartphone owners.

"We know throwing cameras works and the resulting videos are celebrated by our existing community. With the AER TYP, we’re now making this possible for everyone." – Pablo Trautwein, CEO

Safety was the main focus of the young team during the design process. They have collaborated with designers, aerodynamic and material experts to create a product that checks all the boxes. It’s compatible with all smartphones, protects them from the impact, flies smoothly and is portable. Extensive user testing has been done and the manufacturing is done entirely in Germany. Estimated shipping is in April 2022.

Pablo Trautwein
+49 1788748297


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