This Oscar Season’s Quirky Throwback Documentary to the Glam 90’s

HOLLYWOOD, Calif., April 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The majestic mullets of Tom Cruise and Tom Hanks! Darryl Hannah rocking her blonde mega-curl explosion on the red carpet!

A flashback to Hollywood in the glorious 1990’s, “TINSEL – The Lost Movie About Hollywood” digs deep into movie fans’ love affair with Fame, Celebrities and the Movies. It features a behind-the-scenes look at the 1990 Academy Awards ceremony. The film examines how Cinema and celebrity culture has changed in the 21st century.

“TINSEL – The Lost Movie About Hollywood” is a perfect watch for this year’s award season. It is currently playing on Amazon Prime and TUBI TV.  Produced by ZapPictures, a James F. Robinson film. Winner, Best Documentary, IFS – Los Angeles Film Festival 2020.


A humorous, melancholy and affectionate look at the global obsession with movies, TINSEL – THE LOST MOVIE ABOUT HOLLYWOOD was lost for 30 years and never shown publicly. An outside-in, inside-out view of the Motion Picture Industry circa 1990, it is a film about fame in general and the love of movies in particular. This award-winning feature documentary from ZapPictures includes new footage offering perspective from the 21st century. The film examines the uncertain future the industry faces today, as technology and new platforms change the movie-watching experience forever. TINSEL – THE LOST MOVIE ABOUT HOLLYWOOD is about what was, and what is, but mostly about the magic of a flickering light that tells stories in a dark room.


Martin Landau

Beau Bridges

Mary Hart

John Tesh

Scott Alexander

Larry Karaszewski

Rob Cohen

Phil Alden Robinson

Sid Caesar 

Art Buchwald

Kevin Jarre

Daniel Petrie Jr.

Peter McCarthy 

Oscar Saul

John Furia

Shane Connaughton




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SOURCE ZapPictures

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