The Young Alchemists Soon Will Reveal Themselves to the People of Earth Through Upcoming Film Series That Will Help Elevate the Consciousness of Our Youth

HOUSTON, Oct. 20, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Norma Pastor, president of the Young Alchemists Foundation and creator of the Young Alchemists film concept, is excited to announce the forthcoming film series being created in partnership with award winning filmmaker John Kuri. In the film, Elon Musk inspires Young Alchemist students at the Roseford Academy of Sciences through his futuristic vision and development of concepts of high technology, those ideas contributing to earth’s evolution as we take a giant leap into the Planetary Society!

Who are the Young Alchemists?

The Young Alchemists are a group of extraordinary teenagers in charge of protecting the evolution of all planets and their inhabitants.

These amazing young scientists – super agents and ultimate warriors operate under the advisory of the Alchemist’s Interplanetary Government. They are here, not only to help elevate the consciousness of the people of earth, but also to protect the Young Indigo Roseford Students, also known as science kids. Having been trained at the prestigious yet mysterious Roseford Academy of Sciences, the Young Alchemists become bearers of high technology and spiritual enlightenment.

Their Mission: 

Transform planet earth and its people
into a harmonious and balanced society.
Houston, TX Date: October 19, 2022

The Young Alchemists will bring a new era of great progress and spiritual awakening to planet earth and beyond. This is the universe’s response to the Interplanetary Nonplus Forces. 

  • The Nonplus negative influencers have been disguised as responsible members of earth’s society – new thinkers of a new way of life.
  • The Nonplus are aware of the arriving cosmic phenomena – already in motion to correct the developing seeds of interplanetary imbalance of the Nonplus.
  • The Nonplus are determined to prevent the arrival of the Young Alchemists for they know the extraordinary planetary purge, one that will restore earth and its neighbors to healthy state of being, will forever defeat the forces of evil.

The Nonplus have embedded themselves: Using very advanced technology the Nonplus interplanetary criminals, their scientists, teachers, super agents, military forces have infiltrated all earth’s governmental offices, school systems, religious organizations, corporations, big tech, banks, and common households.

These extremely intelligent evil-doers are determined, not only to corrupt the minds of children, but also to have absolute control of the world economy, Big Pharma, corporate media, the Internet, terrorist groups, drug cartels et al.

The Young Alchemists will:

  • Halt the Nonplus corruption of planet earth and all planets of the universe;
  • Restore balance and health to earth and its neighbors.

Norma Pastor is:

  1. Creator of the Young Alchemists concept,
  2. The Young Alchemists Foundation, a 501-(c)3.
  3. and The Young Alchemists’ live action film series;

Norma Pastor, through her foundation, works in partnership with award-winning filmmaker, John Kuri. 

For more information and contact: 

Norma Pastor (p) 281.781.4385
The Young Alchemists Foundation: http://WWW.TYAF.CO

John Kuri

SOURCE The Young Alchemists Foundation