The Unicorn Hunters Show Presents UE LifeSciences, a Health Company Making Detection of Common Cancers in Women Easy and Accessible

LOS ANGELES, Nov. 2, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A new episode of Unicorn Hunters premieres today spotlighting UE LifeSciences, a company focused on preventive oncology solutions for early detection of leading cancers in women. Millions of viewers around the world will have the opportunity to watch the episode, learn about the company, and invest in it before it goes public.

To introduce its innovative solutions, UE LifeSciences has raised more than $6 million to date from grants, awards, and angel investors. Now, it is seeking to raise an additional $20 million to scale up globally and make early detection of breast cancer widely accessible. Its FDA-cleared iBreastExam, enables health workers and women to identify non-palpable breast lumps in just a few minutes, without pain or radiation, and has the potential to save millions of lives. The episode is streaming now on, LinkedIn Broadcast, Facebook Video, YouTube and Vimeo

"The Unicorn Hunters platform is democratizing early investing at a global scale while leveling the playing field for entrepreneurs and companies looking to scale their businesses rapidly," said Mihir Shah, Founder and CEO, UE LifeSciences. "We find ourselves aligned with the core values of this innovative platform and the amazing people that represent it. We’re thrilled to be taking part in this new era of fundraising and value creation."

Unicorn Hunters, the pioneering business series created by Transparent Business and produced by reality TV icon Craig Plestis (I Can See Your Voice, The Masked Singer), created a new genre — enrichtainment — that combines entertainment with wealth-building opportunities for companies and investors.  With an audience of more than 14.5 million viewers around the world, the series gives people transparent access to select pre-IPO investment opportunities and helps founders with billion-dollar ideas raise expansion capital.

"UE LifeSciences received a unanimous commitment of investment from the business leaders and policymakers that make up the show’s Circle of Money panel," said Alex Konanykhin, Executive Producer of Unicorn Hunters. "Not only does it solve a global problem with a disruptive and scalable solution that has the potential to save millions of lives, but it has a sound business model with the potential to generate millions in revenue. It is the prime example of the game-changing, wealth-building pre-IPO opportunities that our Unicorn Hunters show presents to its millions of viewers."

On the show, founders looking to hit the coveted $1 billion valuation, pitch the world and the Circle of Money made up of Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple), Rosie Rios (former Treasurer of the United States), Lance Bass (artist and investor), Moe Vela (former Director of Administration to Joe Biden), Silvina Moschini (CEO of SheWorks!), Alex Konanykhin (CEO of Transparent Business),  Chris Diamantopoulos (social entrepreneur and actor in Silicon Valley, HBO series), and John Bercow (former Speaker of the House of Commons of the United Kingdom).

Episodes of Unicorn Hunters  are streaming now on with parallel distribution on LinkedIn Broadcast, Facebook Video, YouTube and Vimeo.

About Unicorn Hunters
Unicorn Hunters aims to become the most-watched and the most impactful business show in the world and the world’s first unicorn-minting factory. The show provides investors with transparent access to select pre-IPO investment opportunities, and boosts innovation by financing emerging growth companies. It also provides an opportunity to invest in historically marginalized or disenfranchised global entrepreneurs such as women, minorities, and LGBTQ+. Visit for more information.

About UE LifeSciences
UE LifeSciences is a women’s health company focused on preventive oncology. It designs, develops, and commercializes medical technology solutions that enable early detection of leading cancers in women. The company has won numerous international grants and awards for innovation, oncology and global health and has received recognition from the World Health Organization (WHO) and ACOG TV, 2021 Meeting of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists. UE LifeSciences’ hallmark product, iBreastExam, is a hand-held device that pairs with a mobile app to document breast lesions by measuring tissue elasticity in real-time using innovative tactile breast imaging technology. Over 450,000 women across ten countries have received the iBreastExam check-up and more than 200 cases of breast cancer have been diagnosed with its aid.

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