The Soothing Comfort of Deep Sleep and Family Harmony – ‘The Baby Lounge’ Studio Produces Restful Tunes and Relaxing, Therapeutic Harmonies Uploaded Weekly

CARLISLE, United Kingdom, May 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The Baby Lounge: Lullabies and Meditations announced that its growing catalog of therapeutic musical tools are available to parents via its new website. Created by married musical-therapy team, Kirsty and Jim Strange, The Baby Lounge was originally conceived when the couple had trouble putting their own young ones to rest – a problem they solved with an innovative mix of Kirsty’s hypnotherapeutic skill and Jim’s musical training. The Baby Lounge offers hundreds of original, high-quality music box recordings designed specifically to improve sleep quality and help regulate emotional wellbeing. The lullabies and meditations are also available on a wide range of musical platforms: Insight Timer, YouTube, Spotify, Amazon Music, and Apple Music.

“Really, the secret to our music is the mix of skills we bring to each composition,” said Jim Strange. “As a trained hypnotherapist with a deep interest in bringing emotional and mental harmony to families in her practice, Kirsty’s insights are key. She helps me to direct the musical elements – specifically the tempo, harmony, and tones – exactly where they need to go to elicit a reliable relaxation response every time. We’ve been fine-tuning our music for years now, and no one else offers this volume or level of consistently arranged music for this purpose. There is a fine art to creating relaxing tones for small children or infants: low-quality mixes or jarring sounds can ruin the entire experience. When our children were born, I focused on the music box sound, and started to compose lullabies from great classical compositions. I released my first YouTube video in 2018, and it got thousands of views in just days. That inspired us to create the McStrange Records label so we could release our recordings to the world. The Baby Lounge serves as a portal to our relaxation-specific tunes and we’re releasing our ‘Music Box Sleepy Lullabies’ app on the Google Play store in late May/early June.”

“Music is such a great bonding and learning experience to share with your kids,” said Kirsty Strange. “My husband has always had a fascination with arranging old and nearly forgotten piano and orchestral scores for strange and interesting instruments. And now our kids – six and four years old – are always asking for daddy’s music at bedtime. We often hear them singing the tunes while they play; it’s had a positive impact on their tonality and creativity. Exposing them to music from birth has been fantastic as they now have such a great emotional connection with music. It makes bedtimes more relaxing by helping to regulate their nervous system through the calming, specific sound frequencies we use in the songs.”

For more information on music and therapy, or the latest releases from The Baby Lounge, follow the studio on social media: Facebook, Instagram, YouTube.

About The Baby Lounge: Lullabies and Meditations
Created by Scotland-based Jim and Kirsty Strange, The Baby Lounge Lullabies and Meditations is a studio that crafts beautifully arranged music and guided meditations to help parents and small children relax better, go to sleep faster, and sleep more soundly. Kirsty’s specialty is working with families, while Jim is an accomplished musician and professional teacher. Together, they combine their knowledge to create a hub of dreamy tunes, meditation tracks, and guided mediations designed to bring each home into relaxing harmony. Learn more about their creations at:

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