The Solution for One-Handed Smartphone Use: PNKY™

NEW YORK, June 9, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As of 2022, 86% of the global population uses smartphones. A majority of these users find themselves in situations where they are constantly using their smartphones with one hand. One-handed smartphone use presents a list of issues we’re all familiar with. Although solutions have been developed to address these issues, they’re bulky and fall short of expectations for most users. Recognizing this, James Packes knew there had to be a better solution. While conducting market research on the issue, he came across a trending community on TikTok with 6.9M views about #smartphonepinky. He could see, despite the availability of so-called ‘solutions,’ people were still facing real issues with their one-handed smartphone use. He set out to design a new ergonomic solution for the unnamed condition he coined "smarthritis," that would be simple and affordable. That’s how PNKY™ was born.

PNKY™ is a revolutionary ergonomic phone grip for iPhone or Android. It was engineered to redistribute the weight of your smartphone off your pinky; the patented design uses the charging port to support the device with a small durable smartphone accessory. This changes the way you grip your smartphone and increases your ability to control the device during use without overstressing the hand. PNKY™ is engineered with 360° rotational capacity. Which makes PNKY™ smartphone accessory easily adaptable for both righties and lefties.

PNKY™ works with both USB-C and Lightning ports. It’s designed to be functional across most devices. After you’ve experienced PNKY™, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. Stop dropping your phone! The patented "seesaw grip" design of PNKY™ means you’ll have a greater dynamic range of use across the screen, while having a stable and secure grip on your device. For the low cost of a PNKY™ accessory, you could save yourself countless screen replacements and constant pinky pain.

Each PNKY™ houses 2 small neodymium magnet cylinders allowing the user to remove PNKY™ and snap on to any metal surface or car magnet mount. PNKY™ also comes with a magnetic cap and keychain lanyard for safe and easy storage when not in use. Designed for the minimalist who prefers smooth and streamline over a bulky phone grip.

PNKY™ is currently available for distribution. Smartphone users can visit the PNKY™ website and order an accessory at If you’re interested in carrying this product in your store, contact PNKY™ at