The Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia Presents Japan’s Only Branded Movie Festival

The 8th Branded Shorts – Now Open for Submissions

Highlighted by the newly established HR Competition supported by Indeed for short films from the perspective of Human Resources as well as the 2nd Deloitte Digital Award that combines "digital" & "human" themes to depict the future of the digital world in business and society

SHIBUYA, Japan, Aug. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Beginning Monday, August 1st, Branded Shorts, Japan’s only international branded movie competition, will begin accepting submissions for the 2023 Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia, one of Asia’s biggest international short film festivals and accredited by the Academy Awards.


Branded Shorts, established by the festival in 2016, is a new type of communication by companies and organizations that transcends the boundaries of "advertising" and aims to communicate their social values (services, products, and experiences) to consumers, as a form of "cinematic communication." The festival defines Branded Movies as films that are selected and have eight perspectives; inevitability, ability to change perceptions, ability to share, message power, viewership retention, originality, timelessness, and post-viewing retention.

During the submission period, we will announce a short list that will lead to the final nomination. We will gather jurors from various industries in advertising and film for the 2023 film festival, and the best Branded Movie selection will be awarded the "Branded Shorts of the Year."

The HR category supported by Indeed, newly established this year, is calling out for Branded Movies from the perspective of human resources, and recruitment. The Deloitte Digital Award will be presented to the best film among all nominated entries based on the theme of "Fusion of Digital and Humanity" that emphasize "Purpose" (meaning of existence), "New" (novelty), "Design," "Human Experience" (value of human experience), and "Engagement" (affection).

In addition, for the 12th Visual Tourism Awards, we are looking for regional branded movies produced by local governments and organizations.

For the Deloitte Digital Award
Statement from Go Miyashita, Deloitte Digital Marketing Officer:

"We rediscovered much potential of branded movie trough many award candidates this year.

We hope next 2023 award becomes an opportunity to create "New" way of communication to express companies’ and social purpose.

Looking forward to seeing fantastic works."

For the HR competition supported by Indeed
Statement from Go Mizushima, Indeed Japan Marketing Director:

"Indeed Japan promotes "Owned Media Recruiting," the concept that actively communicates a company’s mission, purpose, and culture through their own media.

We have high expectations for the effectiveness of branded movies as a new method of information dissemination.

We believe that a company’s appeal does not necessarily have to be grandiose, and that it will resonate more with people if it is realistic. We hope that you will revitalize the dormant attraction of your company and convey it to job seekers."

Media Contact:
Fuyumi Tanaka

SOURCE Committee for Short Shorts Film Festival