The New Firstly™ App Introduces a Fresh Take on Prioritization in the Mobile App World

SAN ANTONIO, Feb. 17, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — focusCove LLC today released Firstly™ on the App Store. The new productivity app is the ultimate personal tool that helps users discover and go after their true priorities. It beautifully combines project manager and to-do list features with its novel priority-focused features to produce a tool for doing more of what matters most at the individual level.

Rather than simply assigning a flag or tag to mark a task as a priority, as all the other apps in its category do, Firstly™ offers multiple prioritizers to help determine how meaningful or important a given activity or task really is.

"It’s easy to be misguided and forget that prioritization is an inside game. It always depends on the individual," said Jonathan Zaluke, founder of focusCove LLC and creator of the Firstly™ app, "Regardless of circumstances, what’s important to one person might be less important to another. So, it’s imperative to have a tool that shines the light on what’s truly important to us personally, to cut through the noise of the distractions and busyness of the world. Otherwise, we will soon realize that we allowed our job or other people to prioritize our lives."

Firstly™ has a modern and attractive interface and provides the following key features:

  • The focusPrioritizer tool. A brand new simple, yet highly effective way to prioritize tasks using one of the multiple prioritizers available.
  • The Priority Report. An insightful weekly (monthly or yearly) report of the tasks completed from a priority point of view. It also provides a focusScore, which depicts how focused on what matters most the user was within a period.
  • A Today tab displaying the tasks of the day grouped by priority.

It also includes organizing and planning features available in only a few premium productivity apps such as:

  • Projects and simple lists
  • Projects merging, deadline, and priority
  • QuickScheduling – the most efficient way to plan the tasks already available in the project folders
  • Copy and paste to add multiple tasks or subtasks at once
  • Typing in natural language to add and automatically schedule tasks like: "Lunch with Erica tomorrow at noon."
  • Enhanced note embedded with a data extractor
  • And so much more.

To provide lifelong value to individuals, including all features coming down the pike, Firstly™ offers a free trial and a lifetime access for a one-time fee of $14.99. The app is available worldwide exclusively on the App Store at this link.

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focusCove LLC is a newly established company based in San Antonio, Texas, with a mission to help people live effective and purposeful lives.

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