The Monster Is Out of the Bottle — The Highly Anticipated Horror Film “Bottle Monster” to be Released August 3, 2021

LOS ANGELES, July 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Overloaded Mags Productions, in conjunction with Premiere Digital. is delighted to announce the release of the Feature Film "Bottle Monster."

The psychological thriller/horror movie, centers around the anti-heroine Allison Keys, who struggles to raise her young son while trying unsuccessfully to fight her addiction to alcohol.  Alison’s world crumbles as she tries to flee her life, only to come face-to-face with a real-life monster.

Written, directed and produced by powerhouse, Marjorie DeHey, the film has won numerous festival accolades domestically and internationally. This modern-day take on the classic "creature-feature" is set for release on August 3, 2021, and will be available on VUDU, DISH, Redbox OnDemand, Rogers, Tubi, numerous other streaming platforms and currently available for pre-order from iTunes ahead of its wider release.

DeHey began creating her own films in 2017 following a near-death experience upon the discovery of a large brain tumor. Having worked on the business side of the industry for years, she was frustrated with the lack of opportunities available to women directors, so she determined to create her own opportunities. For her, "Bottle Monster" not only reflects Allison’s struggles as a woman and a mother but also every woman’s daily struggle to try to balance all the challenges in their lives. It is a poignant reflection of how some women lose the fight to drugs and alcohol only to redeem themselves when their child is in real danger.

"For me, the true horror of "Bottle Monster"  is Allison’s internal struggle. The monster, while real, is a reflection of Allison’s darkness and self-loathing. Allison wants to ask for help but she doesn’t know how. She wants to be a good mother, but the tragic and haunting events of her life drive her to find solace at the bottom of a bottle. Her son is forced to grow up too fast and they are pushed into fighting an atrocity that they cannot truly comprehend," says DeHey.

The film stars Billie Proffitt, industry veteran Willie Aames, Emmy-award winning actor Kim Estes, and introduces Ryker Overacker. It was produced by Paul Overacker, and Marjorie DeHey, both of whom earned the coveted "Produced By Mark" (p.g.a.) from the Producers Guild of America in recognition of their roles in the production of the film.

DeHey is a well-regarded industry veteran and a member of the National Academy of Television Arts & Sciences (EMMYs©), the Producers Guild of America, and the Alliance of Women Directors. DeHey is currently in post-production on a short film, "Goldenrod", and is in pre-production on her eagerly awaited 2nd feature-length film which she will again direct from her own script. DeHey has written numerous screenplays, and several television pilots, is a published author, having written a story for an anthology of women-written horror stories entitled, "A Scream in the Night" (published by Black Bed Sheets Books) and is collaborating on a series of Thriller/Fantasy novels.

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