The Lion Brand 2022 Culture Report Highlights the Top 10 Trends in Knitting and Crocheting

Influencers and Lion Brand’s Trend Watchers Round Up Culture-Defining Knitting and Crocheting Trends, From Mental Health to the Metaverse

CARLSTADT, N.J., April 4, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — As knitting and crocheting break into mainstream culture from the runways to the metaverse, the Lion Brand 2022 Culture Report reveals the top 10 trends to watch this year. Compiled by Lion Brand Yarn Company’s influencers and trend watchers, the trends range from nostalgia to knitwear in the metaverse and space dyes.

"We created the Lion Brand 2022 Culture Report to capture the excitement we’re seeing around knitting and crocheting in culture," said Lion Brand Social Media Manager, Samantha Brunson.  "These crafts have always enjoyed a devout following of creators and hobbyists from around the globe. But more and more, we’re seeing crafting, products, and creators leading cultural conversations and setting new trends."

Weighing in on the "authenticity" trend, Alexandra Tavel, the Knitwear Designer behind Two of Wands, said, "I’m so excited to band together to support my fellow creators in purchasing authentic goods and sharing tips on how to avoid counterfeit or fast fashion items."

These are the top 10 trends highlighted in this year’s culture report:

1. Space Dyes: 2021 marked the year with the most space launches in history, ushering in Space Dyeing—the trend combines yarns with multiple colors for a visually intriguing look.

2. Y2K + Crochet: When Jonah Hill and Sarah Brady donned matching crochet bucket hats, creators took note of this Y2K staple, creating their own eye-catching looks. 

3. Knitwear in the Metaverse: A testament to the enduring appeal and adaptability of the craft, knitting is going virtual into the newest spaces.

4. Florals: We’re seeing florals take root in 2022, especially after winter Olympic athletes received stunning cashmere bouquets—a sustainable alternative to real flowers.

5. Mental Health: Knitting and crocheting have been linked to stress-busting benefits, helping people feel happier and calmer, with everyone from Olympic diver, Tom Daley, to former First Lady, Michelle Obama, espousing its mood-boosting effects. For this reason, Lion Brand selected the cheery tone Golden Sunshine for its Color of the Year 2022.

6. Nostalgia: Nostalgic patterns, like Granny Squares, continue to amass a growing fanbase amongst designers, models, celebrities, and creators.

7. Global Community Connection: The global crafting community connected like never before during the pandemic, and a new generation is helping creators communicate with one another. The sisters behind Knitrino—Andrea Cull and Alison Yates—designed an app that helps knitters find patterns and master even the most challenging projects.

8. Temperature Blankets: With stitched rows recording daily temperatures, the temperature blankets are helping people get more in touch with the climate crisis facing the planet.

9. Authenticity: Creators are standing up for themselves and calling attention to the problem of knitwear knock-offs on social media.

10. At-Home Comfort Anywhere: After two years of WFH and binging TV on the couch, creators are embracing and reimagining comfort in entirely new ways.

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