The Latin Babbler Show, Educating the Latino/a/x Community

LOS ANGELES, June 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Laughing and Learning. That is the goal of The Latin Babbler Show – one of the hottest new shows championing Latino/a/x culture.

The Latin Babbler Show features a mix of entertainment news, cultural discourse while showcasing Latino/a/x artists from all over the world. Each week the team of hosts, led by ‘The Babbler’, explore the diverse cultures in the Latinx universe, putting a comical spin on topics such as culture, relationships, food, and events.  Previous regular episodes include Immigration: The Dream and The Reality, Latino Owned, Celebrating Afro Latinx, The Legend of Walter Mercado, The Amazing Voices of Daniel, and The Latin World Tour: Ecuador part of a new series which helps educate the Latino/a/x community about facts, food, and visiting locations from all of the different Latin American Countries.

New Jersey Born Puerto Rican/Dominican, Rafael Fernandez, AKA "The Babbler" is the brainchild of the show and he is supported by co-hosts La Tigera, Mz Raqui and El Bohike.  When asked about his motivation to create the show, Fernandez explained: "The goal was to originally share some comedy during the pandemic, especially with all of the hosts being family members or close friends. After a while, we saw the podcast as a chance to educate the Latin community about the diversity within our culture. We also wanted to be a voice to showcase talent and entertainment that do not get a chance in mainstream channels."

Listeners have described The Latin Babbler Show hilarious, smart and original. The show is streamed every Wednesday at 5pm on, all podcast platforms including Spotify, iTunes, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts, TuneIn, and is the ideal stress buster following a long day at work.

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