The Largest International Short Film Festival in Asia, Accredited by the U.S. Academy Awards “Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2024” Finally Opened

Riisa Naka, Yudai Chiba, Sota Fukushi, Win Morisaki, LiLiCo and more!

Gorgeous guests appeared at the opening ceremony!

Seven awards including “Shibuya Diversity Award” and “U-25 Project” were announced.

The “Creators’ Meetup Lounge,” a place for short film fans and filmmakers to meet and mingle, was held for the first time in the lobby of the venue.

SHIBUYA WARD, Japan, June 6, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2024 (SSFF & ASIA), one of Asia’s largest international short film festivals accredited by the U.S. Academy Awards, held its opening ceremony at LINE CUBE SHIBUYA on Tuesday, June 4, 2024 to celebrate the start of the festival. The festival will show approximately 270 films selected from more than 4,936 works gathered from about 114 countries and regions around the world based on this year’s theme “lluminate Your Life” which can be enjoyed at the online venue and five other venues in Tokyo.

At the beginning of the festival, the AI voice of Tetsuya Bessho, the festival’s representative, generated by “FutureVoice,” a voice synthesizing solution utilizing the latest AI technology of NTT TechnoCross Corporation of NTT Group, was used to introduce how to enjoy the festival in four languages (Japanese, English, Korean, and Chinese).

At the ceremony, seven awards were presented: Shibuya Diversity Award, J-WAVE SOUND OF CINEMA Award, U-25 Project, Smartphone Competition, Amic Sign Award, and Illuminate SSFF & ASIA Movie Contest. Japan Airlines (JAL) was appointed as a partner of the U-25 Project and presented the international round-trip tickets as a supplementary prize to the winners of the Excellence Award. In addition, at the Amic Sign Awards, it was also announced that a collaboration has begun to provide the “DAO Fun Token Service,” a future form of crowdfunding, with the aim of realizing a “creator economy” environment where anyone can be a creator, transmitting and selling their work.

Tetsuya Bessho, the representative of the festival, concluded the ceremony by saying, “The festival will start today at both real and online venues, and we hope you will enjoy the cinema travel and find a short film that reflects your heart or an encounter that shows what life is like. The ceremony ended with the enthusiastic words, “I hope you will enjoy the Cinema Travel and find a short film that reflects your heart and life.”
An archive of the ceremony can be viewed on YouTube ( Please take a look.

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Fuyumi Tanaka

SOURCE Committee for Short Shorts Film Festival